Come together for love!

This time, it really is what your dirty mind thought after reading “come together”!

One World Orgasm!

Well, it’s not a bad idea after all. The world would be a better place if such a holiday were acknowledged as much as Christmas or Reveillons.

Yeah I remember reading about this a while back. I’m thinking of taking part in it :P.

Fun fact: the world orgasm day happens on the same day as my mother’s birthday.

Hmmm …

… I’m gonna have a FIELD DAY with this thread.

According to Freud you want to have sex with you mother.

It’s hard to find a situation where Freud would have thought you didn’t want to have sex with your mother.

On another note, that page is hosted by angelfire for christsakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is.

If the patient is a girl. If so, then the girl needs a penis.

So they can have sex with their mother. You see the pattern here?

Actually, no. Freud’s reasoning never went that far. He said that girls wanted a penis because of some weird fucked up reason that I can’t remember, except that it was distinctly not to fuck their mother.

The only thing I remember about Freud was that he was as fucked up as his patients because he was molested by his father as a youth, same as his brother.

I know, I took Psych, I just had to keep the joke going. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing, though I was partially not there due to mind-alteration substances which we call “Guilty Gear XX”.

How often did I miss psych to play GGXX with a pro player…

You might also want to poop all over everything, or have sex with everything in general.

Speaking of GGXX, I wonder what Freud would’ve made of Bridget. :smiley:

Now THAT would keep Herr Doktor busy for a few centuries. XD

Yeah … and I still want the actual GGX and GGXX for PS2, as opposed to merely [STRIKE]the rom of[/STRIKE] that THING for GBA.

…bumper stickers?

…Dell sucks.