College and such

Hello, guys. I’m getting (DSL) internet with digital cable on saturday for about sixty bucks a month, which won’t be terrible at all since Nikkii and I will be paying for it. So that means that I’ll be around here a lot more often and most likely not just lurking as I have been in the public libraries (in which I only get thirty minutes).

Anything cool happen while I was gone? I know it was only a month, but eh.

The cheddar is gouda on this side of the interweb, though. I’m reinstated in Oswego State University as an English Writing Arts Major. I’m taking a playwriting class, a Tolkein class, German 101 and the Philosophy of Social Science (it covers one of my two “Intellectual Issues” classes that OSU makes you take). The Tolkein class is by far the hardest since it deals with mostly Tolkein’s critical work as well as the Silmarillion and his personal letters. We’re also examining Beowulf because Tolkein wrote an excellent essay on the subject. Woohoo! Also, my playwriting professor is absolutely insane. He licked the ceiling. Long story.

Anyway… I hope that you guys are getting along here. I should probably go back to attempting to muddle through the beurocratic system of getting my transfer credits accepted as Gen Eds and core requirements instead of electives. I mean, seriously: they take all my ENGLISH classes and put them in ELECTIVES instead of core requirements. Uhhh… DUH! -_- And apparently Child Psychology and Psych 1 doesn’t cover their social science requirement even though if you take it HERE they do. I’m taking this up with the morons who do the transcripts, because I graduated from a SUNY school, which means that since Oswego is also a SUNY school THEY SHOULD ACCEPT THE FUCKING CREDIT WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ACCEPTED! I hate these people.

My condolensces about the classes. California had similar issues when it came to transfer credits and that kinda thing, if you tried to go to a UC from somewhere else, like a CalState or a community college. Good luck fighting the system.

As for your cable and internet, that sounds close to what I would pay if I had cable TV. I pay 30 bucks a month + discounted phone costs. I got really good deal for phone and internet. The people at Bell were really nice.

Tell me more of this licked ceiling.

He jumped up on his desk the first thing when we were in class. He took role, and such. He cracked a lot of jokes that I don’t remember. He was talking about the asbestos replacement that they’re doing in Swetman Hall, and how Piez Hall (where the class is) still has asbestos. Then he said, “Well, better dead sooner than later,” and licked the ceiling. The lesson here was that you have to catch their attention in the first act.

I like him.

Sounds like a good teacher, actually. I’d pay attention to him.

Hey, whatever works.

Asbestos: worry about inhaling it more than licking it.

wth is suny?

State University of New York. Basically, New York’s public university overarching governing system.

I’m glad you’re still alive. good to hear you have an amusing instructor. too bad about your university screwing up your transfer credits. yeah. not much else to say.

Word. Keep listening to music at an astonishing rate. English is a major close to my heart as well.

We had a history teacher like that once. Every time he wanted to demonstrate a point, he jumed on his desk. Sometimes he even danced on that. oO We only had him for 2 years though, then he died of blood cancer. (Had an affair with our ex- french teacher before that though. pimp.)

Good luck with your school stuff. :o That Tolkien class sounds pretty cool, actually.

Wait. Blood cancer? You can get cancer of the blood? I mean, I know about capillary tumors (had one myself), but cancer of the blood cells themselves? Huh.