Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Begins airing on Sunday. Who’s subbing it?

No word yet. GG is all but dead and I haven’t heard anything else.

If this was any other series Lulu would have had amnesia for at least four episodes. God damn Code Geass is so good.

Edit: Also I did notice stuttering problems with the .mkv for both the [gg] and [eclipse] release but installing the new version of CCCP solved that issue.

Some .mkv encodes using particularly High-Quality (I.E. HUGE) raws tend to put a strain on most players, and CCCP needs to be reinstalled every couple of months as well. I remember having to do that for the last chapter of Gurren-Lagann and the Sabrac battle in Shakugan no Shana.

Also, for the record, as far as this project is concerned: gg=Eclipse. Other than typesetting, there’ll probably be no difference between them.

EDIT: Goddamnit, I loathe Suzaku with such a burning passion.

Sunrise’s subtle homoerotic undertones strike again. I mean, that was like half a minute into the episode only.

Ah, C’MON!

no idea, but dub wise, Suzaku may be voiced in R2 by Yuri Lowenthal(Sasuke Uchiha), who was in FF12 as Reks.

Suzaku is such a dirty son of a bitch.

I really hope that fucker gets Mao’d soon. He’s not going to die, but at the very least I want Lelouch to have him squirming.

That said, I was laughing so hard at Lulu’s face when even Millay ran past him.

Anyone still watching this? Last chapter was… was… what the fuck did I just watch?

I haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet.

Do so… it’s quite… well… you’ll see.

Tried this… Wasn’t my thing. I mean, I love Mecha, but the Mecha in CG… Meh.

Uhh Geass isn’t CG it’s animated, do you even know what we’re talking about.

I meant Ruby meant that the mecha aspects in Code Geass are lacking.

Yeah those extra 7 letters are expensive, don’t even get me started on needless spaces. Certainly this acronym couldn’t possibly mean anything else vaguely relating to the concept at hand.

Well at least Orange is back and he’s all badass now.

I think he should’ve stayed a generic buttmonkey

If the preview is any indication, it looks like he’s going straight back to that role.

Also, Cornelia looks awesome with the new haircut.


Lelouch cast Geass on god.