I need some new clothes, and I need to see some cool ones.

Basically if you have the link to some funny looking shirts or something post it here and I’ll contemplate buying it.

Why this? Well, some time last week, TD was posting links to some shirts in chat. Having opened one, my Mum sees it and says I need new clothes. So I have £50 to spend on clothes and it’s all thanks to TD.

The shirts I’ll probably buy so far are the +1 shirt and the kalashnikov shirt. I’ll post links later. Need nerdy shirts now.

Nerdy shirts?

Maybe you can convince her to get you a case 0’ bawls.

If you’re willing to pay for them, I might be able to throw together some RPGC shirts based off of those bumpers from a while ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fie on you, Merl! :P)

I’d buy one. I’d buy 2. I’d even buy 3! :0

I’d buy one so long as you promised not to send me TDs.

Get some low rise jeans to show of your sexy thong underpants. Also buy tons of shirts that say “princess”, “Angel”, “1973 beach vollyball champions, Ft Lauderdale” ect, ect.


For the record, I’m male.

And I would love to see some RPGC T-shirts, hehe.

You forgot the “even though you’re none of those” comment, and you forgot to mention sweatpants with “HOTTIE” written across the ass even though people who wear those are hideous.

How about one Saying:

Honk if you love the 984!

Big Nutter
Asnine, I know

Anything black.