Cless' picture thread

It’s not a sketch anymore!!11 AHAHAHAHA!111ONE

Uh, yeah, I coloured the Naru sketch. This is more of a practice with Photoshop 6 than anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most excellent, I wish I was such an anime guru.;_;

She’s cute, Cless. Excellent job on the coloring!

You mentioned to me that you have trouble drawing accurate face/body proportions, but this is definitely an improvement from your old ToP picture proportion wise. The coloring’s also great, too. Great job, Cless! :cool:


nice but ehm… errrrr how to say… her boobs seem to be in a rather strange place… like a little but lower would be more… ehm fitting yes that’s it… sigh

runs away affraid of what others will say