Clear Skies


Just thought I’d drop and plug this video - read about it in the last issue of EON; took 14 hours to download over my satellite connection but it’s definitely the best piece of machinima I’ve ever seen, even if you’re not an Eve fan (which I’m assuming nobody here is, except me).

Anyway, clicky!

1st post hi rast

The trailer looked promising so I’m currently downloading Clear Skies. I was expecting something related to STALKER but HL2 characters are even better.

I’m an EVE fan! Haven’t logged in for a while, but I hope that changes once I clear some of these other games off of my plate. Look for ‘TaranWanderer’ in-game :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this looks cool. I miss all this cool stuff when I don’t visit the forums :confused:

Ah. Well, I’m usually on in the early AM hours (0430-0830 or so local, which would be about midnight to 0400 GMT) when my satellite connection is generally good enough to game on (at least with Eve, which is about the most lag-tolerant online game I’ve ever seen), generally on Kessiaan (my main), or #2 (my alt). Do mostly Factional Warfare these days - can’t really mine (my laptop’s not good enough to dual-box it and I’m not set up for anything else - mining is boring anyway) and with my RL situation being what it is I don’t really want to join a corp at this point. Maybe when I get back.