Clash of the Titans

Just saw it, had to gripe.

This movie is awful, no bones about it. The fight scenes are either totally out of place or simply boring, the acting is subpar even for a mindless action flick, the plot needed about thirty minutes more to flesh everything out, and…really, it just sucks. This is the first time I’ve ever walked out of a theater feeling cheated.

Anyone else have this feeling? Or was I the only one stupid enough to buy a ticket?

This is how I felt after Fellowship of The Ring. Except I thought the acting was good in FotR, and managed to be boring in spite of it. It took a few watches to learn to like it. I doubt Clash of The Titans is the kind of movie you can learn to like though. It probably really is just shit. I think the trailers look okay though.

I don’t understand how people could go into this movie expecting it to be good, I really don’t.

It’s a remake of a 1981 cult classic with a 3D glasses gimmick thrown in. What did you expect?

I went into it knowing it wasn’t going to be amazing, so I got more out of it. When I saw the preview, I knew it was going to be bad and probably wouldn’t have gone to see it except a friend of mine wanted to see it.

I think things are better when you watch them with friends, like commercials.

I didn’t bother going to see the 3D version. I expected horrible and cheesy, so I was totally satisfied in terms of ‘horrible and cheesy’.

The ending made me laugh out loud, in the theater. I was not the only one. It had this ‘Thanks dad!’ wierdness.

I want to go see this, but I won’t be expecting it to be too great. I don’t know how you could go see this movie, a remake, expecting it to be half as good as the original

I may just see it for the hell of it.

Were the monsters at least cool?

Yeah, I just want to see some titans clashing.

They’re trying to build a prison for you and me to live in.

Oh baby, you and me.

I would just want to see it for the 3D effects. Avatar was amazing, I bet this is too. Stupd movie? Of course! But was it fun to watch?

It wasn’t filmed in 3-D, that was added in afterwards, so I imagine the answer to that is no.

I saw it because I wanted to see what the big deal was about. I enjoy Greek mythology, so I sort of liked some bits of it, but it definitely wasn’t all that great. Fucking 3D would get all blurry during some of the faster action scenes and gave me a headache.