City of Villans!

Well, I was at a bookstore today and saw that City of Villans had a nice 10 page article on it. I barely remember when City of Heroes came out and how I was so excited to get in on this “awesome character making” shit. I got the game and was bored with the redundancy of its repetitve gameplay before my first month was up…

Anyway, the point is, with the new “aspect” of this universe coming into play there are new features for the Villans like secret bases and special pvp powerups. With all the “cooler” aspects of being a villan, whats going to encourage people to want to play heroes anymore other than the fact that they have all the time invested into these big highbie characters that don’t have the “fun” extras that the villans will…

Has anyone else cared enough about this series to look into it more than I did by picking up that magazine? Anyway, I’d gladly try the heroes side again if I could make a Mr. Incredible moch-up to play as. Hes pimp.

I’m definitely picking up City of Heroes and City of Villains once CoV hits. I played CoH in the EU beta, and the fighting was retardedly much fun, but there was just so little to do. Since CoV will correct this, I’m jumping on.

Also, there’s Hero equivalents for the secret bases (headquarters) and the like.

Ooooh, sweet, so like, I can have my adventure league with thier own headquarters for doing justice and whatnot…

Oh man, we need to make the Incredibles… oh man… And we could have an Incredibase, and ooooh man… Shit, Pixar gets me hot.

As TD said, the Heroes will have secret bases, and supervillain groups and supergroups will be able to fight against each other in these bases. Special PVP areas will be availiable for those who own both CoV and CoH.

Besides, if you see an annoying guy on either side, just fire up the other side, make a guy, go into PVP, assrape him, and laugh. Repeat if necessary.

EDIT : I got CoH and play it still.