Cid gets his own thread

Because it’s HIS BIRTHDAY!

God, all the well known people have their birthdays at the same time, but happy birthday Cid guinea pig for you.

Absolutely. Many happy returns, man.

Happy birthday. Go have a party.

Happy Birthday to THE Final Fantasy expert and fellow RPG sage.

FF Sprites, SALUTE!!

:get it?: :moogle: :mwahaha: :wave: :hahaha; :ulty:

Hooray for Cid! :smiley:

YAY! Birthday song for you!

One year less to live day for you, WOO WHOO!
I’ma gonna live longer than you!
Unless I get assasinated…WHOO WHOOOOOOOOO!

:hahaha; [Insert supposedly witty Birthday coment] :victoly: :kissy: :biggrin:

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! =)

Congratulations, Cid! May you live to see many more times as many birthdays as you have, and stay sane long enough to enjoy half of them!

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

Thankupo! :sunglasses:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Cid.

Gives cid an eraser so he can erase lame happy birthday messages including what I just typed Happy birthday :smiley:

Happy birthday, dude. :toast:

I know I’m way late. but late than never =/

Happ Bday, Cid.

Happy Birthday Cid. That is all.