Chrono Trigger Questions Here?

Hey guys, i’m a first time poster. Was wondering if this was the correct place to post a question I have about Chrono Trigger? …Assuming i’m correct i’ll go ahead and ask the question. I just got the Epoch and Ayla hasn’t learned charm yet… I looked at the walkthrough and there seem to be some very important items i’m supposed to charm off some monsters after returning to the “Dark Ages” can anyone tell me if there is a quick way to get Charm, or if it’s necessary? Thanks, - Ralion :runaway:

Train and gain TP, that’s really the only way to do it. Your best bet would try to chase around the Nu in Hunting Range on 65.000.000 B.C.

It’s not really that important, but you can get some Tabs from most bosses.

Like Seraphim said, the best bit is going after the Nu in the Hunting Grounds. You’ll want trading goods to buy new weaponry for everyone, anyway.

There’s a pattern I like to follow when leveling up on the Nu - this is all from memory so teh details are a little sketchy.

From the entrance to the hunting ground, go east and fight the three frogs. Then go north from there to the base of the vine you can climb. There’s two acid monsters; fight them. Climb up the vine and head west until there’s another vine to climb down with two more acid monsters at the base. Fight them. It should start to rain close to that time. Climb back up the vine and head back east, but instead of climbing down, follow the raised path south-southeast. You should come to the Nu. Beat it, then leave the area and repeat.

But Seraphim is also right on another matter; By the time Charm is really important, you’ll have it and much more.

Yeah, Nu in the Hunting Range is awesome to fight for TP. (If you don’t know how to find him, he’s randomly in one of the four corners when it rains, and I think a couple other spots, just find a quick path that lets you cover as many corners as possible while raining.) Just make sure you beat him pretty fast, or he can be deadly. (He doesn’t have much HP, so you don’t need to unload the big guns.) He has two attacks: one is knocking one person’s HP to 1, and his other is doing 1 damage to one person. Luckily he doesn’t plan them well and hits a person at 1 HP for 0 quite often.

Edit: Also, if you just got the Epoch, you’ll be able to fight Rubbles soon. They give 100 TP a pop. There is one Rubble in the next dungeon area you’re going to who will respawn if you leave the screen and come back (no other Rubbles do that, once you kill them they’re gone forever). If you’re using an emulator, save state first cause you don’t want them to run away.

thanks a ton guys, very helpfull! Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of all time, glad to see others appreciate it also :slight_smile:

p.s. I am guild master of a World of Warcraft Raiding guild on Firetree Alliance, feel free to look me up :slight_smile:

A warning with the Rubbles: They Lock all your party right off the bat (Meaning no Techs) and have a 75% evade rate, which when put into practice is more like 90%. Their HP and defence aren’t too high, but they are a real bitch to hit if you aren’t prepared.

I’ve played Chrono Trigger for ten years and had no idea the Hunting Range existed until I accidently dove into it and hit the X button.

This little bit isn’t necessary, but it helps. Go to 2300AD to Bangor dome and help yourself to the Charm Top accessory. Better chance getting that something you want. That, or get Marle help you out with Twin Charm.

I usually keep Ayla around in the party just because of Charm >_>; (AND HOLY FLOOZLES ATTACK POWER))

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. D’you have some tips on actually hitting them then?

Don;t Third Eyes increase your Hit Percentage a lot? Maybe you should try those. Wait… you can only steal those from Nus, which you can;t do, sicne you’re levelling up Charm anyway. Err… well, it works for every tech you need to learn AFTER Charm?

Edit: nevrmind, THird Eyes only raise evade. Only thing that increasses Strike is Hit Rings. What a gyp.

The only thing that I’ve found helps against the monsters that do “lock-all” is equiping a charahter with a Rage Band or a Frenzy Band, so that you have a chance of getting an extra hit in at the start. Aside from that, it’s just luck.

By then, Chrono seemed the best choice out of the party to actually try and defeat the damned things, along with Ayla. They both did critical hits often.