Chrono Trigger OVA

Yeah, just wondering how many of you have seen it. You can get it at if you want. Anyway, very, very wierd and funny stuff. I especially like the race. :smiley:

I’m behind a proxy server so I’m fairly limited with torrents. Can you give me a description of the thing?

I’ve experienced it. One of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. -_-
Essentially, Nu and Poyozo (two mute running gags from CT) go and have a party. Gato/Gonzales and Johnny are involved. Lots of humor, almost none of it funny.

Okay, it starts with a giant portal opening quite loudly, which doesn’t wake anyone up, and monsters streaming out of it like water from a penis. Then their leader stops and says “Tonights the monsters Millenial fair.” So anyway you’ve got your stalls and all that going on. Then it focuses on just one stall, a stall with no-one at it, except the Nuu and…other creature…that are it’s participants. They’re a band that want new members. They’re not doing very well. The clue is the no people around them.

Anyway, eventually they get bored with that and decide to go explore. Ain’t that nice. Unfortunately, the Nuu, being so fat and all, broke the stall as it got out, so now they can’t go back. ;_; First thing they go to is the dancing. They arrive just in time to see…Big Bro from FF7 start dancing! Well, not really, it’s actually Johnny the racin’ robot. The suck ups call him Big Bro though. Apparantly he’s a good dancer. And apparantly he hates the thing because it can’t dance, but thinks it can. He hates the Nuu 'cause it keeps stealing his wheels, so he chases them off. He’s pretty mean really, when you think about it.

So anyway, then the thing forces the Nuu to participate in the soda guzzling contest. Just when it looks like they’re about to lose, he brings out his secret weapon…a snes controller! He connects it to Nuu and use the secret technique, “A-button barrage.” They win. And all they get is this lousy golden shovel. Pretty grumy really. It’s not even that big. But the thing likes it.

Anyway, while they’re up out of the fair on a cliff, Nuu decides he needs to go pee-pee. So he does. In the bushes. The farmer. While in their, he has the misfortune to find Gato. Fortunately, he doesn’t wake him up. Unfortunately, the thing and it start playing with it, and do wake Gato up. Gato being the giant robot, in case you don’t remember. You know what he does. He starts singing. “Ah…I am Gato…I am strong!!!beat me up…win silver points.” Then he starts chasing them. And there’s no escape. Heh.

Anyway, at the same time a race is starting. And guess who’s there. That’s right…Johnny. He gives the others a head start, then starts, and knocks them all over. See, he’s just mean. Anyway, he’s winning, but then we “Ah…I am Gato…I am strong!!!beat me up…win silver points,” coming over the horizon, just before Gato himself crashes through the wall in front of Johnny, with thing and Nuu on top. No explanation given. None needed, really.

Johnny, seeing thing, decides this is a challenge and they race. And I mean race. Johnny then decides to up the ante, and uses his turbo boost. Unfortunately for him, Gato also has a really big rocket on his back that he uses. Uses to kick Johnny. Kick him again. And again and again. And again and again and again.Then they see a turn coming. They’re just like, “Oh holy crap, turn, stop.” So Nuu sees a button. A skull and crossbones button. The others tell him to push it. He does. Gato stops. Johnny stops. Johnny gets hit by punching glove, into the wall. Sucks to be him, eh?

Anyway, dawns breaking, so the monsters have to leave, the only evidence of their being there was the giant trail of distruction. But foolish humans won’t notice this. It fades out from Gato finally stopping his song, surrounded by a crowd of humans, including Crono, Lucca and Marle. Fun, neh?


The best part is during the credits when the Nu imitates the Day of Lavos! I found it amusing, but would rather see an actual Chrono Trigger series based on the plot of the game.

(And the other creature’s a kilwala, btw)

Kilwala, weird thing, what’s the difference.

Is this done with sprites or what? Don’t tell me they actually DREW the stuff like in the Chronicles sequences.

Yep, all drawn, all animated. No sprites in there.

I agree.

Makes it a lot clearer what you’re talking about in your summary, that’s all. Also gives Seraphim Ephyon a better visual image of what’s going on, as he can’t see it for himself. It wasn’t meant to be a criticism, just an additional piece of information for the curious.

It’s shit. It’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit it’s shit .

I dont know whats worse. This, the Teenage Mutant Turtles oav, or those Transformers animes

I know, yeah, I was just messin’ with ya.

i think the OVA was just plain stupid ._.;;; sighstupid stuff X_X

It’s not that god awful, but they could have done a much better job with making an animation based on Chrono Trigger. There’s a reason it’s never been localized.