Chrono Trigger Cartoon

Im sure you all have already seen this by now, but i thought id post the link anyway

its a flash cartoon about chrono being chased by a punch of guards, hilarity ensues. pretty funny.

and if you are to damn lazy to type the link into your browser–

Chrono Cartoon

There ya go…oh and if youve never been to newgrounds before, a word of warning-DONT CLICK THE BANNER ADS!!!

:noway: <a cartoon about me eh?

Bleh, that wasn’t great.

Wow, that really sucked.

O_O … … What the…?!

That sucked. That just frickin’ sucked.

Ugh. That not only sucked, it also swa–

Yar, if you go on a tirade of thoroughly disgusting “suck” puns, I’m gonna make you watch it fifty-seven thousand more times. Do I make myself clear?

Yes ma’am!


Wait, I know: that cartoon is bad enough not only to save the President, but also to charge him for it, then put him back after it’s got the money!


That was just about the WORST anything I’ve ever seen related to Chrono Trigger. Congratulations for posting the most idiotic and poorly made Chrono flash I’ve ever seen.

Wasn’t really that good.

Great music-

old concept

executed poorly.

I give it a “one.”

It sucked. Especially when you fucking press that Macho Man button at the end.

I didn’t care much for it. Liked the Benny Hill chase reference, but they could have done better. On a scale of one to ten million (one being the worst), I give it a - 50.

It was midly amusing.

What’d you expect from a person whose screenname consists of randomly pressed letters?

Hey, I object to that!

Why bother?

… Go away!

Dear God, that was so bad!

Stupid server error, well with the comments you guys are making it probably aint worth waiting till they fix it.

Wow, the banner ads were MUCH more entertaining then that video.

That was rather odd.

Mildly amusing.