chrono ressurection?

woah woah i just got wind of the chrono ressurection thing…by hearing it got a cease and desist from square enix…ok so what im inferring is chrono ressurection is just the original game put in 3d world? :booster: if so wtf why has square enix done it themselves… :bowser:

Maybe Square just don’t want to risk losing profit, since any 3D remake of CT would be legendary. Or MAAAAYBEEEEE they’re working on their OWN 3D CT?

Don’t jinx it if they are, Pier. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably just a rumor… but if they were, it would kick so much ass.

it would

It isn’t, S-E sent out a cease and desist to the C:R team. It looked fucking awesome, I saw the trailer. These were some very talented individuals.

Edit: misread that. still, what I said stands :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw about a week ago, but thought someone had alrteady commented on this. Yeah, I’m pissed at this, too. Those guys were fucking GENIUSES, I would have gladly paid any amount of money to play Resurrection, And I officially cursed Square for destroying such a potentially amazing project.

Chrono Resurrection wasn’t going to be a remake of the entire game. They were just going to remake several scenes from Chrono Trigger (Robo and Ayla weren’t even going to be put into the game). Still, it was extremely impressive.

I can understand Square-Enix’s cease and desist, I just wish they would have done it earlier, before so much work was put into the project. I feel sorry for those guys.

God, Square should hire them or something. Look what they managed to accomplish. If that’s a demonstration of skill I’d snap them up and OFFICIALLY create CR, the full game.

Dang it. First Chrono Break and now this… am I ever gonna see a Chrono game again?

Screw 'em. Screw Lucca, Marle, Glenn and Chrono too, as long as Magus is in it, I’m happy. Did I mention I love Magus very very much? :fungah:

I don’t think Square likes the Chrono series anymore. Stopping Chrono Reserection, Damn them!

They must’ve realized Chrono Cross sucked, and assumed Trigger was guilty by association.

Chrono Ressurection? What?

I’d think they’d do a cease and desist because CT is TMed or registered.

Well guess we’re going to have to start a rebellion or something. Why can they not let them finish their noble goal?

Yeah, at last check Square Enix has officially ended the Chrono series. There will likely be no more sequels, since a large chunk of the Chrono Team, including the head writer, left the company. And whoever’s left are busy with other projects, the Chrono series is done like dinner.

It was pretty apparent this was going to get shut down even when we first heard about it. I mean, if they were really serious about this, the smart thing to do would to ask for permission before they wasted 3000 hours of their time.