Chrono Cross - Glenn Question

Is he Frog from CT? I’ve read a couple of places that he is, and a couple more that he isn’t. I don’t think he is myself simply because he didn’t seem like he had ever even heard of Chrono & co., much less had met them, but I want to make certain of it.

He’s not… his background just doesn’t fit with Frog’s. They just have the same name.

Nope. He resembles Frog in a lot of areas like his relationship with the default legendary knight (Cyrus/Dario) and minor details like the X-Strike, but otherwise he has no connection with the Glenn from 600 AD. Also, if you pay attention, he behaves pretty differently from Frog.

He also kicks incredible ass.

The closest connection anyone could even make is that he could be an alternate dimension version of Frog, and even that is a thin stretch.

And if there was an alternate Frog, it’d probably be Turnip :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he WAS supposed to be Frog, but they changed their minds about it before the game release? I heard that one of the characters in CC was originally intended to be Magus, but was altered into someone else.

Yeah, that was Guile.

Also, Frog goes back to 600 AD, while Crono Cross takes place in ~1010AD.

Actually it takes place in 1020 AD. And no, Glenn isn’t Frog from CT. While the character Turnip is more of a parody of Frog, Glenn is an homage having similar attacks, weapons and name.