Chrno Crusade

Wonder if anyone has posted on this? Oh well. I’ll just say it, the art is great. I took my drawing style from here, too. It’s got a nice storyline, cute characters…like Chrno, he’s cute. And in case you’re wondering, it is spelled as Chrno. The author probably can’t think of any other good names.

I actually think it’s a mistranslation… Anyway, I like Chrno’s and Rosette’s characters, even if Rosette is drawn like any stereotypical long-haired blonde female.

How do you pronounce “Chrno”?

Like “Chrono”, even if the first O isn’t in the name :stuck_out_tongue: My belief is that they wanted to call him Chrono, but couldn’t due to Chrono Trigger/Cross. There’s even a disclaimer somewhere in the first episode saying they’re not affiliated with the games.
Even IF Chrno looks like he could be Magus’ long lost brother.

If we’re talking about the fansubbed version, then I’m pretty sure the disclaimer about not being related to the games was put in by the fansubbers, and was more of a warning to fans so they wouldn’t be disappointed.

My interpretation is that ‘Chrno’ is the official romanization as dictated by the creator, otherwise I can’t imagine why translators would leave the ‘o’ out. Maybe the creator just wanted it to look cool? It certainly looks different!