Christians pick on the wrong person

Ok I guess my post is kinda a story, and also a moral. Also a place to vent about religious fanatics. Grrr arrg. I am in no way saying they shouldn’t have a right to their opinion, but I’m still pissed off.

Ok, my boyfriend was at Walmart today (I hear you laughing!) and when he went to get into his car, the couple in the car beside him had a sticker on their window saying “Only love for Jesus will get you into heaven” and he laughed to himself about it, and the chick in the other car heard him and asked if there was anything wrong with that. Anyways, a little back and forth exchanged ensues, about how arrogant and judgemental the sticker was, and the guy threatened to wipe the smile of my bf’s face…(how silly…jesus loving Christians, jumping at the chance to assault someone! How ironic!) who asked that could loving Jesus and beating up strangers get you into heaven? Haha and the guy like charged at him, and ym boyfriend put him into a headlock and had him by the wrist, and told the idiot to go home or he’d fuck him up.

haha Im sorry, but it’s comical to me. Like what is wrong with people these days. Yeah Im aware that my boyfriend may have been wrong to encourage them ( I hope he doesn’t get charged…) but come on, two christians, preaching salvation on their car window. It’s funny and sad at the same time. I admit I laughed when he told me.

I’ll see you both in hell.

I think thats funny. The same thing happened to one of my brothers once.

snicker so much for turning the other cheek. I find it stupid that the dude did attack.

And I don’t think he could be charged. He never used a harmful method of stopping him (having the guy in a headlock and holding him by the wrist? No mark no foul.), and while provoked, the guy did attempt the first blow.

Okay, that was worth at least a grin. :slight_smile:

Well like, I guess I can see why they would have such…conflicting beliefs, but to place yourself in a position of hypocrisy is what disgusts me. Yeah he provoked my boyfriend and got too much of a punishment, but come on-he antagonized him, threatened to beat him up, and actually made the first move. It’s silly to me. And funny. I had to share. Normally I would sympathize with the Christian but in this case I just say ha-ha :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, thanks Spaz, master of the written law. We needed for you to explain that what he did wasnt illegal. seeing as how he didnt do nothin. but that doesnt stop him from eternal damnation.

Well yeah. And frankly, I wouldn’t blame him if your boyfriend beat the everloving shit out of him while yelling “Jesus doesn’t love hypocrites!”

Charle can I expect to see you on my front door step selling your religion anytime soon?

And SS…haha yeah when he was telling me, he said he felt so stupid saying GO HOME. He wanted to say something cool like “I hope you really do love Jesus cuz Im sending you to heaven!” Thankfully he didn’t cuz well Im still nervous about consequences.

Silly christians, gotta love 'em or serve them a can of whoop ass

Introducing the first door-to-door 99c store religion? :-p

And I say good on your boyfriend- I’m a Christian and I try to promote Christianity as well, but not forcibly- and where in the bible does it say “lamp thy neighbour”? :-/ Bloody hell.

As a heavily non-religious person who’s trying to go out with someone who is, I must abstain from any further comments for my own good.

Hahahaha. Coming from someone who’s been in Catholic school for over ten years, I’ve had my fair share of hypocrisy/hypocrites. A minister at BU preached about how evil homosexuality is (what a joke he was) and how he’s brought the light of Christ to “ex-homosexuals.” Thank God I read Fear & Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard (yay religious individuality). As for the bumper sticker, I don’t think Jesus is an exclusionary ass who only loved those who believed in him. He had love for Romans and the Romans were gentile. I bet he’d have love for Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and even the agnostics and atheists. Don’t I sound so flowery?

I consider myself fairly religious but Im still quite a bitch when it comes to fanatics, and well i can’t help it. I’ve never heard of anything like that before. Let’s all hold hands and giggle.

And yay, Im glad the Christians here didnt think I was bashing them or anything, or get the wrong impression. I just hate it when my beliefs seem to look evil because of a couple of assholes who spoil it for the rest of us.

Why do you ask?

No offense taken at all…I have my share of chuckles with the extremists buttholes, usually proving how wrong they are in the end. Your thought of the spoilers though, that’s basically with all religions. Most of the people in a religion are fine and pretty tolerant/accepting, but then you get some extremist/fundamentalist assholes who screw up an entire religion because they preach idiocy. Look at how some people view a normally peaceful religion such as Islam now. Rev. Falwell, Gen. Boykin, John Ashcroft, and other Christian fundy assholes try to convince Middle America that because of bin Laden, Islam is immediately the religion of Satan.

Bakayaros like that make me sick.

People like that give religion a bad name…that is what turns off some people. It certainly turns me off.

Hmmm…what a sad state of affairs. Since when did one’s faith become a window sticker? I’ve always disliked that sort of thing. And the WWJD (what would Jesus do) things a few years back were just as bad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much Christian (especially as my dad is qualified as a preacher in the Lutheran church), but there is a fine line between things. There are those people who try to go out an evangelise the whole world…but things don’t work that way. Sometimes it is thought that to be Christian you have to go around and convert people, but that’s not what it means to be Christian. There are those who preach, true, but one is no less a Christian if they only do what has been given them to do, and do it faithfully, whatever that might be. After all, the line “go and make disciples of all nations…” was adressed only to a select few; nowadays it seems, however, that many Christians think it applies to everone. It leads to those who are Christian to be sometimes overly evangelical. It is more through example that things are accomplished, not through running about actively trying to convert people. And in reply to the WWJD of a few years back…wouldn’t He go to the pub to talk and have a beer or something like that? After all, He always ate with tax collectors and such.
Now through this all keep in mind that I am ardently traditional in all of my beliefs. Or, rather, confessional, though that is a rather difficult thing to explain rightly. I believe most strongly in the things taught by the Christian church. Every single person in this world is a damnable sinner (mark the word damnable as opposed to damned, ie. not damned yet). You see, there is an odd trend in this world today towards tolerance and pluralism, and both words I abhor. The first because it implies a facade, that we should only tolerate other people and not be truly brothers and sisters to them, as it should be (ideally, though it is likely an impossiblity in this world). The second word is the god of modern culture, and is preached through all the media and in every school, so much so that I daresay even I speaking against it now will be met with harsh reproach. It is interesting, because it is a relatively new thing, but has become engrained in the realm of culture so that it is a near religion. Pardon me here, I am harly politically correct, I know. But do not take me for saying that I dislike the idea of cooperation between all people; I most certainly do. But pluralism as such is a somewhat different thing. It says that no one religion is right, and that whatever you believe is right for you. But how? How can one truly be religious if they do not believe their faith with fervent devotion, to the exclusion of all others? To say: whatever you believe is fine, means that you don’t really believe your own faith, doesn’t it? The thing is, in religious matters, I take myself to be correct; there is no room for saying that others might be. How can there be? However, I will not condemn those of other faiths for two reasons. Firstly, it is not my place to condemn (and I must remember that according to my beliefs were it not for Jesus I would be condemned to hell for eternity). Secondly, because I respect their beliefs, and know that I could never change someone’s faith forcibly (and even if that would be possible, it wouldn’t be a lasting thing). You see, that is a very fine line; I hold other religions to be wrong, but respect their devotion. So much so that I would expect nothing less than to have them tell me that I am wrong; that would in no way offend me, either. But you see, the greatest fear I have with pluralism is the idea that “whatever you think is right”, ie. that there is no higher or ultimate authority that one is subject to. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes…that is an old idea, from the Bible, and even the people 3000 years ago when it was written knew the dangers of such anarchy. So basically what I mean to say with this (lengthy) comment is that, tying it together with the first paragraph, while it is often that Christians falter away from how they should act (they are still human, after all; nowhere does it say that to be Christian puts you into some realm where you are immune from sin and evil), there is also a counterbalance to this, and that is that you cannot have religion without being ardently true to it, and while society today preaches pluralism and tolerance (with, I might mention, the exclusion of Christians; that is the one thing that often cannot be tolerated, it seems.), it should rather be faith and respect.
Finally, in reply to post #13, Herr Rommel, I believe, I would say this: you are right that Jesus loves everyone, even those who do not believe in him. However, they will still be damned if they don’t believe in him. If somone you liked but vehemently disliked you was put on trial for some crime, and you stood up and said you would speak on their behalf to free them, and even then they cursed you, what would you do? Would you really help them, and stand before the judge as a mediator? Or worse, would you willfully bear their punishment so they don’t have to? Hardly, I think. Especially if the penalty was death…
I apologize if I have not made myself fully clear in this. I have a tendancy to ramble and go off on immense tangents. Moreover, it is a variously branching subject, and there is so much I could say on it I found it difficult to put it into one coherent argument. If I had the time and such I could write a more proper essay on the matter, I think, outlining various theological points, but as it stands this is only a forum post, after all. Also I apologized if it sounded all too harsh. It was not intended so, but I am only in an ever growing fear of the direction of modern society. I felt compelled after my seeming critisism of Christians in my first paragraph to subsequently defend my own beliefs. Just please remember this: this should not offend you in any way. Some may agree with me, but those that do not should just shrug it off. After all, in your eyes I’m wrong, so why should it bother you? I’ll be the one facing judgment for it. And I will respect them fully anyone that. I just won’t agree with them.
As a final parthian shot I must say that it is a decidedly odd idea that Christianity is all about tolerance; I have no clue where that came from. True, there is “love your neighbor as yourself”, but Jesus himself says he did not come to bring peace but devision, and that his message would turn even families against each other. How much more so will other people then be in conflict over this.
(Only do not see this as some religious fanatasism on my part here. I am fervent in my faith, but I am the last person you would see trying to convert anyone. You must understand this as a perhaps a theological counterpoint. My father is a professor of Theology, you see.)

It is sort of funny, both my parents were pastors (my dad still preaches at times), both of my parents dad’s were pastors, and possibly even earlier in my family, I never asked, but both sides of my families aren’t relgious fanatics. They ahve certain rules and stuff, but they aren’t about pushign their beliefs and values and stuff on others. They don’t go around rpeaching about hell and loving Jesus. I mean, with that big of a religous background, I should be mroe of a relgious fanatic than most people. Hell my dad preached until I was 13 and my mom preached until I was about 6 or 7 (in fact, I only live in CA because my mom was a pastor and got a job here, otherwise I’d still be living in Washington). When i was a kid, I always thought my dad a bit of a relgious fanatic, btu now I see how mild he really is. I now see that he is pretty mild. He has religious figures (liek sculptures and paintings) aroeund the house, prays before every meal and is constantly talking about God in life, but even he isn’t that bad. Like he never threatens that I’ll go to hell for not going to church and all that. However, at my school I’ll see people big on relgion (there was a demonstration of some sort about how the Bible is right and science is wrong and just theories, while the Bible is fact) two weeks ago. I’d say it is almost a miracle I’m not some relgious fanatic.

That thigng with your boy friend is great. That guy obivously never read the ten commandments. Otherwise he’d know to treat his nieghbor as himself and how he wishes to be treated.

Herr Rommel, I believe, I would say this: you are right that Jesus loves everyone, even those who do not believe in him. However, they will still be damned if they don’t believe in him. If somone you liked but vehemently disliked you was put on trial for some crime, and you stood up and said you would speak on their behalf to free them, and even then they cursed you, what would you do? Would you really help them, and stand before the judge as a mediator? Or worse, would you willfully bear their punishment so they don’t have to? Hardly, I think. Especially if the penalty was death…

Yes, but God isn’t human either. Even treating God as human and being vengeful, Jesus died for all sins, and if Jesus died for all sins, then all sins are forgiven. If all sins are forgiven, then everyone goes to heaven. Besides, God is spoken of as everyone’s father. Parents don’t start hating their kids just because their kdis do something wrong. Parents love their kids no matter what and are there for them. God is then the same and isn’t going to disown you because you make some mistakes. Hell, if God did do this, he would be hypocritical, since he says to love your neighbor as yourself. If he doesn’t love you by sending you to hell for a mistake, why should anyone follow him/her/it?