ChrisRPG needs your help ;)

Chris updated his site regarding his current situation and the future of RPGOne along with the story of his life, English isn’t my native language, so I can’t be considered the best when talking about these issues. His life hasn’t been good at all, and he is in need in help, you can read the latest news for more details.


I can assure I understand some of the problems he’s had, and I’m afraid I can’t help, so if any of you can make something for him, please do so, even if he didn’t have problems a group that tries to give something without expecting a thing deserves everyone’s help.

I wanted to get a thread running here for it too, but it looks like you are way too quick for me ;D
I can only ask for anybody that reads this thread and has some possibilities to help / donate : just do it!


I guess ChrisRPG is receiving a lot of support, Sky Render just updated the site telling that there will be some new updates along the next weeks :P. Anyway, continue helping if you can somehow ;).

Also, hopefully, YnT will be updated in two or so days as well.