Choose your destiny!

I’d say slipping on a banana peel! At least it’s comical!

Burn baby, Burn!

I’d toly go down Parasite Eve style.

Since there’s no “Get flattened by a falling anvil!”, I’ll go for the next cartoony choice :slight_smile:

I could only fit so many options, and “other” choices are for lameos!

I pick drowning… in a glass of water!


I’m a wuss.

Me too. :thud:

Something of all you mentioned.

í’m a wuss too… i’m gonna grow old and make children till i fail at that… then I’ll get meself some viagra

Shot in the heart. Not for any particular reason. It’s romantic, I suppose. Unless your shot because of drugs, then it’s just death.

During sex!! Woo?

Where’s suicide?

Any of those could be attribuated to suicide.

Animation induced seizures. Awesome.

Freezing to death.

Slipping on a banana peel, then getting hit by a cement truck, then having a virus break loose from god knows where and eat my skin, and then being eaten by cannibals.

Everyone who didnt vote spontanious combustion sucks.

I’m a wuss, and by the way, what EXACTLY is spontainiasly conbusting?

Setting on fire without outside aid or any effort on your own part.

Cool, animation Induced Seizures, Probably how I go out. Definitely not old age, I don’t foresee living long enough to see old age, let alone dying from it.

Results of my death test(and I forget where I took it)
#1 result (drug overdose)
#2 result (assasination)

Age of death: 46