Choose the winner!

ok, a weapons toting psychopath vs the best fighter of the group…

Don’t know what TD is capable of, and all Macc is is support…

who will win? ready… fight!

I just wanna know what they’re using for the Boss Theme.

Oh yeah, you did this kind of thing all the time in your comic.

Well? It was a generic RPG, too.

kay? I’ll chose the pyscopath

The best fighter, as long as he has one meelee weapon, and one gun. Like Leon

I’m wondering what spoony is using as the damage calculator, or is he just pulling random numbers out of his ass?

Well, some of it’s random, some of it is calculated.

In this case, the Protect spell cut physical damage in half. Lunaris has average physical defense, so he took nearly standard damage from the Nuke. TD has low physical defense, so he took a bit more. Macc and Zero’s damage was cut in half due to the protect spell, and since Zero has the highest physical defense he took a bit less on top of that.

So what, you think of a random number, then do defense calculations on it?

…Actually, not a bad idea…