Chocobo Dungeon Screenshot Wanted!

I can’t seem to find any screenshots of the cute little unicorns in Chocobo’s Dungeon, and I desperately need one in order to torture somebody! It’s a long story. Mwah ha ha ha ha… Anyway, if you can find a good one, wouldja please post it here or e-mail it to me? It’d make me a real happy camper. Thank you!

Fae, I don’t have one, but let me say that I fully expect to see you AIM sometime . hugs you lots Now to your regularly scheduled thread.

Sweet jesus. It’s Faetan.

I know this is crazy to ask, but would fanart suffice, if there was nothing else avialable?

Heck yeah, so long as it looks the same! Thank you!

Wow. Awesome.

Faetan’s posting! HOORAY FOR FAETAN!