You guys, I know ya’ll don’t know me all that well but if you can help me out here you don’t know how much it would mean to me.

My McAffee stuff expired and I was cool with it because I’m usually able to determine what would lead to spyware…except that myspace comment saying that someone had died. -__-

Long story short, even when I got McAffee to work for a second somehow and it uninstalled about 20 programs that had been forcefed on my computer nothing changed. I keep getting this weird message that says Explorer.exe is essentially corrupted and to run this chkdisk thing. Turns out that running it doesn’t change much.

I’ve got a backup harddrive and I guess I could learn how to do a system restore deal, but if anyone knows a program or the like that could make it easier on me that would be a big help.

If you already ran the executable, the easiest way around it is to back up all your data, bookmarks, and passwords, and then do a reformat on your OS partition. Then get <a href = “”>Avast</a>.

Back up all of your data before doing any of this anyway.

If iexplore.exe itself if corrupted beyond the point of no return. Pop in your windows CD, open a command prompt box and type into it “sfc /scannow” and that should verify the file integrity.

One last thing to note. chkdsk /r should be run in the recovery console. You need to boot into the windows CD (when the PC starts, before it loads windows) and press “r” when prompted. Type “1” and enter. Than type in the administrator password (usually nothing, so just press enter).

Best of luck! Backup your data first anyway to be safe. But if you can learn the tools I provided you here today you can actually consider yourself nearly an expert on the subject as you will be better at removing malware than 90% of Geek Squad. (which often resorts to full reinstall of the operating system, Some managers appearantly joke “they should have bought a Data backup with that”)

Thanks dudes! I’m going to try to fix it tonight and I have a heck of a better chance thanks to the both of ya’ll!

Double post, I know, but I have to say how awesome Khalbrae and Cless are. I’ve only just finished using Combofix and the swath of ads is already gone. That stuff is like alcohol on an open sore; except without all the nasty pain. I’m still going to go through that whole process that was posted just in case, but I’m already enjoying the results; my internet isn’t running as slow as molasses and that stupid lovercalculator isn’t popping up whenever I try to go on to another link.

I’m downloading avast right aferwards of course. Again, ya’ll are the bomb.

Glad to be of service.

I hope my instructions were clear enough.

Especially look for programs trying to execute in places the shouldn’t be (like the root of C:\ or C:\Windows\Fonts)

Also, suspect files will have very strange names like jhhkkd.dll. Best of luck!