Cheney versus Edwards: Your evaluations?

The debate on Tuesday night surprised me. First of all, I was expecting a much, much more vicious exchange, and was disappointed in the timidity especially of Edwards, who was much too sunshiny in the face of Cheney’s skillful cheapshots (especially on Edwards’ record of Senate attendance).

Cheney was absolutely CRUSHING Edwards for the first 30 minutes of the debate. Edwards for this period spent most of his time making very empty, very general statements unworthy of his viewers. He started coming back during the last ten or fifteen minutes of the foreign policy debate though, and I really think he started scoring once they reached questions about domestic issues.

This completely surprised me. Based on Thursday’s debate, I thought it likely that Edwards, if anything, would be able to fiercely attack Bush & Cheney’s record in Iraq. It was disheartening to see Edwards give little of substance in opposition to Cheney’s explanations of the administration’s actions.

For the last forty-five minutes of the debate, I think Edwards did on average better. Of special note should be that Cheney chose to forego his option of giving 30-second responses <b><i>at least three times</i></b>. Edwards was especially strong in his criticism of Bush’s attempt to pass an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage, and Cheney incredibly weak in his defense. That one issue was probably the turning point of the debate where Edwards was able to put Cheney on the defensive.

Cheney was well-composed, gave the impression of being well-informed, and certainly did a much better job of debating that Bush did last weak. Edwards, while he recovered somewhat in the second half of the debate, was something of a disappoitment. I was hoping for very forceful attacks on the administration, and he offered little of that.

On average, I would say that the debate was a draw, but perhaps if pushed would lean towards choosing Edwards as victor, given that close attention shows how he forced Cheney to forego indefensible positions on issues several times. Cheney managed to keep his loss of those particular arguments fairly low-key, though, so I don’t think his lack of responses garnered the negative attention they should have.

According to polls on CNN, the opinion of votes was hardly swayed. It was like 50% Cheney 48% Edwards before, and 50% - 49% afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue: But it mentioned that voters that were before then undecided leaned towards Edwards. I didn’t get to watch it cos I left my Truck keys at home and had to sit in the parking lot with my friends unti like 9, but yeah, it sounded more like a stalemate to me.

After the debate left the subject of foreign policy, Cheney seemed to grow really disinterested. He even drifted off and got philosophical towards the end, when he got asked about why the country is so divided.

Edward’s closing statement was ten times more powerful than Cheney’s. Cheney faltered and made pauses while Edward’s statement was strong and pretty appealing.

I don’t want to vote for either of them.
I missed most of the foreign policy part of the debate, but from what I saw, neither of them said anything I had hoped they would. Cheney kept attacking Kerry and Edwards’ voting records, and Edwards kept using statistics to show what a horrible job the Bush administration has been doing. And Cheney did a pretty horrible job of staying on topic; Edwards did only slightly better.

Win or lose I’m still going for Edwards because he’s not sinister like Cheney…God almighty that guy gives me the creeps.

Sinster is an understatement. Cheney makes T-1000 look like a CareBear. He needs his own adjective for that level of unnerving eerieness