Cheesesteak cheese

What type of cheese do you prefer on your cheesesteak?

Provolone, hands down.
now look at my sig thanks :slight_smile:

Whiz, sometimes american on my breaksteak. No ketchup either.

Okay, so what’s “other” supposed to be this time?

Any other type of cheese. If there’s no cheese, it’s not a cheesesteak.

Well, yeah… but I’m still trying to figure out how someone could not want provolone. :smiley:
(that, and I figured Cheese Whiz would be other, ha ha)

Vorpy probably knows a lot about this, being close to the Philadelphia area. I know this cause Ackbar and I once freaked each other in the chat when we discovered we live in towns right next to each other.

Preference? I order a cheesesteak, and they make a cheesesteak. I’m not gonna be bothered to specify what type of cheese.

Any cheese is find with me, but I prefer the fancy stuff. Um, I’ve never had cheesesteak though, is it anygood?

I like chicken cheesesteaks better.

I think pizza-steaks are the end all be all of human sandwich making, but i value having a working heart and artery system so i only have them once in a blue moon 8(

Shut up, you’re only reminding me of the pain of 7-11 stealing my invention, the pizza-witch. Yes, I tell you, I was the first to fold a piece of pizza over and eat it like a sandwich! None before me! And 7-11 used their bastard lawyers, my under-age status, and cripplingly small work ethic to take my baby from me.

Oh, but to answer the question, provolone.

Heck pizza hu stole my idea for the double decker pizza!

Yeah, but that idea was invented long ago, whenver someone coined the term ‘cardiac arrest.’

Good point,