Cheer me

I got into college this year, and I’m half-done through the first semester of Computer Sciences. Despite the little amount of time I’ve been there, I’ve already made a few cool things. The most recent one has to do with an international competition.

There’s this yearly programming contest, which is part of the Imagine Cup - a competition sponsored (owned, more likely) by Microsoft. It’s happening in three stages: regional eliminatories, then national eliminatories, then the last stage when teams from all over the world will gather in Japan for the finals.

The goal of the competition is to create new technologies that cause impact in the lives of people around the world. I started a project which involves benign social engineering - and winning or not, after the finals I’ll put my executive summary for the plan online.

So far, the competition has gone like this: in my region there were 150 teams. The regional eliminatories were last week. My team was the winning one, so we advanced to the national eliminatories. They’ll happen on May 5, and we’ll be aired live in a Webcast. There are only 8 teams now, but they’re all about the same as mine.

If we win, we’ll fly to Japan by July. If I get to travel aboard, winning or not, I’ll have to do passport job, so I’m considering updating it with the american embassy/consulate/whatever too (been there, but the pass expired last year). In that case, would you guys let me into the next Cali meeting? I’ll bring you japanese souvenirs ;D

I’m impressed that even if you don’t win, you’re willing to gve away your efforts for the good of people. Good luck, Ren!

It’s also good to hear you’re doing well in college, THAT is the one contest that really matters. Thought with your attitude and skill I’m sure you’ll graduate successfully. :cool:

sweet, best of luck, oh and about the souviners, may i get one, Ive wanted to go to Japan and go get things like samurai sword, games not released in america yet, cool food, and anime, cant forget abou the anime.

If u did get me a souviner, somthing small like a cool braclet, like those wooden budda beads (black) but with no markings on them, or else i cant have them or else my mom things im turning catholic or buddist.

I know, i sound like a bum trying to get a souviner, but really, i hope u get the job and continue to do good at ur college.

Nice, man. It looks like you really have talent in this area. I’m sure you’d succeed even though CS isn’t so hot right now.