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I love it so much, why didnt I think of it sooner? I thank spaz for helping me with the htmling. Its so wonderful, its my best sig yet. I can put anything in it. ANYTHING! so I’m taking requests. email with whatever suggestions you have. the first place winner will get his entry put into my sig emediatly. second place entry will get it put in after the first one. third goes in third. and so on. I demand everyone takes part in this contest or else i will put a list of people that suck, in my sig, and they will be on it. how do you like that? I better have lots of email when I get up in the afternoon. thats pretty much what all this is about. nobody ever emails me. it breaks my heart. I mean, I dont think I have friends, and then people tell me I do, so then I get to thinking I DO have friends, but nobody emails me. but yeah, do the contest. i’m going to bed, dont wake me. hoes.

LMFAO. I have nothing to say. IT was pretty easy, but Charlie needs to learn HTML.

Thanks though Charlie.

awaiting your entry, spazz >:(

And I can’t think of a bloody thing. Guess I suck in this case.

Yeah, I think YOU should be the one to put “Spazzy sucks for not sending in an entry to Charlemagnges fantastic Sig contest” not me

do it
do it

<i>do it</i>.

Oooooooh. I just got an idea!

Cool sig Charle. But I don’t think you’d want my suggestion. I suck at making suggetions… ::dekar!::

How about this quote:

“Do not walk in front of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. In fact, don’t walk beside me either. Just leave me the hell alone.”

Hmmmmm… ponders

Loki: Sexy enough for a woman, but made for a horse. ^_~

Originally posted by Loki
Loki: Sexy enough for a woman, but made for a horse. ^_~

That is just wrong on so many levels. I love it.

Only entries received in email will be eligible

Cat… fricjking girlsm they , like deserve all the attention, even thought they r not reall… I really envy thi´s place :(8

I think Maba’s pissed again. ^^;

Or, by the way he’s typing, drunk.

I think I’m gonna wind up on that people who suck list. Never could come up with good suggestions. :too bad;

Ok, umm, yeah, I didnt say they had to be good entries. I just said email me. pretty much anything will do. I just want to be able to look at my inbox and say “Hey, I’m popular”

Sorry buddy, the outgoing e-mail from my account is busted.

I’m way too lazy to find out your E-mail address.