Charle's Spinnach

Charlemagne, why is there spinnach drueling out of the corner of your mouth?

It’s the source of his unearthly charm and might.

He’s pretending to be Popeye.

His secksay-ness is running out in dribbles…

It’s leaking, and it might run out soon.

He’s pretending to be a drunk leprechaun. They leak green every now and then: It’s what makes the grass be green and not blue.

I’m a Vulcan with ebola.

Not Romulan?

Vulcans are cooler. Uh, depending on your point of view.

It is the Romulans that are cool. They got all the cool ships. And they’re the ones that viciously kill in cold blood.

What do Romulans look like, I don’t remember.

Just like the Vulcans. They’re the same species.

Romulans dress a hell of alot cooler. and have cooler ships. and have cloaking devices. I changed my mind, I’m a romulan.

Romulans and Vulcans aren’t the same species. They evolved from the same original species but there are some differences. Like how Romulans have the funny looking foreheads.

Romulans and Vulcans are the same species, they just live on different planets and have different political societies. The Vulcans have an intellectual, liberal, free-love type society, and the Romulans live in a Soviet-style totalitarian society. The two planets used to be one government but split some time during their history. At least, this is what I remember from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Romulans are a cross between Vulcans and Klingons, they dont actually tell you. but they give you hints. Like how Romulan ribosomes dont match humans or vulcans but DO match Klingons. see?

That’s not true Curtis.
The Romulans are based on the Romans, so it is the senate that makes all the decisions.