Charlemagnes thread about how he's been here for 10 years now

Today marks one decade of my patronage at Rpgclassics. My first thread was about Halloween and everyone told me to fuck off, then I was the greatest thing to ever hit RPGC, then I was back to having people tell me to fuck off. I dunno. I figured it was worth making a thread about. I’ve been here 10 long years. I feel… thin. Sort of stretched, like… butter scraped over too much bread.

You probably need a holiday.

Did you learn how to surf yet? Or how to play some obscure musical instrument?

automatically “Toast,” not “bread.” … uh … You know what I mean!

I was high, drunk, and suffering from head trauama when i made that thread about the instrument. And nobody had faith in my to do it. And I forgot. And I’m not to blame. You guys should have encouraged me more. Also surf? I don’t even know what that is. Surf the internet maybe.

Preferably to Mount Doom. Or better yet send your adopted son over along with his manservant and an internet troll.

Gandalf was an internet troll?

Charle don’t surf.

Charles, were I you, I wouldn’t have more that ten kids.

Smells like victory in here.


Wow that’s a pretty long ass time

Learning to surf would be fun, granted I’ve heard that California waters are not very warm.