Charlemagnes Rebirth (read this or I'll put a cigarette out on YOUR DAMN EYE!)

I’m going to try to stop being such a jerk! and be a darn nice guy! thats pretty much it… I wish I could put it into more words…

Best of luck with this noble goal of self achievement!

You see, Charl can do something like that because he actually was a nice guy before everyone was an asshole.

I can’t.

Good luke to ye.

Well, for starters, that avatar of yours looks like one who would burn cigarettes in someone’s eye and/or other vile acts.

Thats a much better avatar, cant go wrong with oldskool, don’t I look nicer?

Good luck with that.

Hey thanks, urk.

I’ve always liked that avvie. :hahaha;

I liked the crying seph one the best.

Good luck at it Charl. :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Charlemagne. I never saw you as a jerk, but if you want to improve your attitude, I see no problem. It’s good to have your sense of humor and spirit back on the boards again.

you used to be cool too Iga at some point or other, but I don’t know why you’ve been so crabby lately.

And good luck Charley :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
Welcome back, Charlemagne.
You know I was Warren, right?

Aww, Charl is back :slight_smile: pets him and feeds him the face of a bad slash writer

Originally posted by Weiila
Aww, Charl is back :slight_smile: pets him and feeds him the face of a bad slash writer
You know I was Warren, right?

Yes, we both knew that. It’s just good to see the actual Charlemagne back, original name and all. Perhaps “Warren” was a different persona of yours.

Yes I know, Charl. I also know that you’re El Piano Loco and Kefka, all in the same. Your secrets are OUT! HAW!

Now finish up the shrine you’re doing, Charl. Then you can be one of the staff! 8)

Actually, I’m not EPL, EPL is my brother.

You <b>ARE</B> EPL!