Charlemagnes Movie Night: Part Un

This is a movie called


PLOT: Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, share their lives over the course of an evening meal at a restaurant. Gregory, a theater director from New York, is the more talkative of the pair. He relates to Shawn his tales of dropping out, traveling around the world, and experiencing the variety of ways people live.

Some of you may find it boring. Some of you will find it very interesting. It had one quote that kind of blew my mind and I’ll post it at the bottom of this thread.


When I met him at Findhorn he said, ‘Where are you from?’

I said, ‘New York’.

‘Ah yes, New York. That’s a very interesting place. Do you know a lot of New Yorkers that say that they want to leave but never do?’

I said, ‘Oh yes’.

‘Why do you think they don’t leave?’

I gave him different banal theories.

He said: ‘Oh, I don’t think it’s that way at all.’ He said, ‘I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards and they have this pride in this thing they built, they’ve built their own prison, and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners and as a result they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made or even see it as a prison.’

And then he went into his pocket and took out a seed for a tree and said, ‘This is a pine tree.’ He put it in my hand and said, ‘Escape. Before it’s too late.’

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Someone watched Community Thursday night.

Yes. Community did a parody about it. It intrigued me. So I watched it. But it turned out to be an awesome movie. so watch it, faggot.

This is indeed a very good movie, good choice.