Charlemagnes Group Hug!

You’re a awsome guy, and sexxy too. I’ve enjoyed pasting your head onto woman bodies, for years. it brings me great joy. also, when I sent you that mechwarrior 3 start guide, and I added a gold’n glamour barbie box. that was like one of the funniest things ever.
Tenchimaru Draconis
TD, I gotta thank you for the roms you’ve sent me. aaand pretty much whenever i’m lookin for somthing, you probably got it. its impressive. and you’re adorable.
Pie, I dont understand why you complain about my calling you pie. but you’re cool I guess.
You’re awsome, I gotta thank you for introducing me to Equilibrium. you have the best taste in movies and music. same tastes as me. you’re wonderful
you dont like me, do you? I dont think you do. but we should, you’re death, I make death, so, yeah. we should be buds.
you da man
GG Crono 4
GG, how ya doin?
its fun to harass you. hahahaha, it makes me laugh
stevey, yo momma! she’s awsome, it must be hereditary
Valkyrie Esker
you’re like the female equivilent of me, only not as cool. dont get me wrong, you’re still cooler than 98% of the people here.
Yar Kramer
Snowball, just let the comedy flow from your spirit as if you were a waterfall, which are sexy when naked, btw.
Sorc, for years i’ve thought you were the same person as cybercompost, nooow i Knoww you arent.
Cless Alvein
what happened to that other cless? he was cool, but you stuck around, so you’re cooler
I’m gonna have to read some of your fanfics someday. I’m too lazy to do it right now. but I want to, i’ve read a little bit, and I Liked it. I always thought you hated me, but I guess you didnt. or you’re really good at hiding it.
I dont kn- oh, are you cybercompost? for years I thought you were Sorcerer.
Ren…an? are you renan? you’re my fan, so I like you, everyone should be my fan. cuz i’m cool,
Spazzay! never tackle me again! its nothing personal, I just dont like being lifted into the air. I’m pretty sure everyone feels the same way. and when you meet Anja, dont do it to her, cuz i’m pretty sure you’ll break her. ok? I dont want you to be sad cuz you broke your girlfriend.
Kagon, you slept with Kero, and Kero is cool. I’m jealouse. if I remember, SG slept with Kero at the last meet. now I’ve planted the seed of doubt in your relationship, are you gonna be able to stay with him? I hope so, it’d be a mistake, dumping him cuz he used to be so easy.
You have made me laaaauuuughhh so hard… at your lameness.
d Galloway
I cant remember you
That time you cybered DT was hot, if anyone wants the log, I still got it. I should post it in the media forum. you need to post your real pic. instead of that fake one.
Epico Gameu
I dont know why you changed your name. it used to be cooler. change it back, I command you.
I dont know who you are
boooo, you’re mean to hades. that makes you suck.
ummm, that time we did somthing, that was cool
Dominic Deegan
you used to be somone else, I dont know who that was
you used to be alot cooler, but like somthing made you go bad.
The 984
984, you’re a cool guy. it was fun meeting you at the meet. you really need to go around wearing a bluish/purplish helmet with a big sunglasses type thing over your eyes.
remember when you were in charge of asking people if they were still doing their shrine? that was awsome
Heaven’s Soldier
I cant remember any time we’ve talked
Chuh should be MY nickname. whenever people say it, I think they say Chuck. which should also be my nickname.
Lord Zhou Yu
I dont remember you so much
you showed me your penis once, I didnt beleive you were really gonna show me your penis. but you did. and now i have it etched into my brain. its gross.
Remember when you were tg flintedge? that was the best name. you should go back to that name. and get a riho-oki avatar. that would be awsome.
giza, giza, giza, I was married to your friend for a while. I should probably file for divorce… and you sent me that link to the dutch banning toe licking. pooort wert and td.
Dalton Of Zeal
Dalton, you’re named after a character in Chrono Trigger, and CT is the best game ever. so you arent sucky
DBZ sucks
Dude, you’re awsome. I love you man. we gotta play handy sack again. with jing and trill. that was the bomb diggity. and you owe me one getting drunkness. dont forget.
niiight blaaade. I dont know you.
Hi, how ya doin?
I sent you sprite porn once. that was fun, I should make some more sprite based porn. and you used to draw a bunch. havent seen any new drawrings lately.
Wilfredo Martinez
I remember being your friend, I think. or maybe we started off as enemies. and then. somthing. I dont remember
You still seeing orakio? hows that workin out?
Skankin’ Garbage
SG! you borrowed my shorts, and never gave them back. you ass. I gave your pants back. but did I get my shorts? nooooooo. and you kissed me! god you’re gay! I cant beleive you kissed me! wtf!? not to say I didnt like it…
Kaiser, you look alot younger than you are. I was surprised to hear you’re 24. jeez. also. get a haircut.
Manus Dei
you get a bad rap. but you’re an allright guy.
you arent the original Gilgamesh. KoS Gilgamesh is. he should go back to that name. changing names sucks.
Zerrooo, thanks for changing my name every once in a while.
does your name mean I kill you? cuz if so, its kinda funny.
I’m not sure
Dragon Tear
you’re mean. and you hurt my friends feelings.
You got some awsome cats. so soft. how did you get them so soft? your house is very nice. I hope we can go back next summer. you’re a cool guy.
Shin… hows the carnie work goin?
Hades Shinigami
you da man! how ya doin? you’re pretty good at insulting people. and I respect that
hooooo boy… luckily you dont post here. so I dont have to say anything.
JING! <3 my favorite! you’re the cutest! I’m so glad you were able to make it to the meet, you really just made it the best week of my life. I hope i’m able to see you in december! that’d be the best christmas ever. Love you, sweet dreams, talk to you tomorrow.
you take interesting pics of yourself… you should take more. more naked ones. yes. more naked pics.
you’re never on aim anymore. why not?
Sephiroth Katana
you’re the intelectual love god or somthing. you gave me some good advice once… I cant remember what it was.
you live in like… holland or somthing. what a weird place to live. whats that like?
not sure who you are.
you’re a cutie. talkin to you is always fun.
The Wizardmaster
you remind me of wizardmon, he was one of the coolest digimon ever.
You like vampire hunter D! and vampires rock! so you rock!
You got a charlemagne PHONE! aaaand you found the Hitchikers guide to the galaxy movie teaser! you’re awsome! and you think i’m hawt! so that makes you really awsome!
Kagato Toujou
You gave me some kind of prize. I dont remember what. but that was cool.
Kero Hazel
Kero! you’re adorable. staying at your place was fun. you did your homework at a meet? NERD! NEEEEEERD! and you like… deep throated a bubbles candle. that was kind of weird…
Phoenix Valkyrie
I dont know you
Sir Percival
you’re hot, dude, with your long flowing hair. if I was a woman, or gay, I’d be all over you. mmph!
You’re a born loser. or you’re named after the comic, which isnt a very good comic.
I probably wouldnt have ever finished the starfox shrine. doin that shrine was like hell for me. so boring. thanks for helping IE doing most of the work. we gotta do the staff quiz someday.
you are my role model! you tell me to do somthin, I’ll do it. I buckle to peer presure. go ahead, tell me, tell me to do somthing.
Seraphim Ephyon
interesting name
RPT! hi.
Kor, I feel like I made fun of your name at one point, cuz it rhymes with WHORE! which is what your mother is! hahaha i’m just kidding.
Mazrim Taim
Maz, you’re a dear friend. always willing to lend a helping hand. you r0x0r. but arent very good at swearing.
DT. your initials are DT
k hi
dont know you so well
Mr. Saturn
I just talked to you today! on AIM! its been several years! JEEEZ! you like TMBG! you rock! remember that animated gif I drew of you? that was awsome.
PC Glenton
I dont know you well enough to remember somthing
you went to the… what was it… a holland meet? with wert, and weiila and jing. I wish I had gone. I heard you talk about stuff. thats cool. meeting jing is always good.
Are you a goon? alice the goon. get it? popeye refrence? maybe through the looking glass? would that be a more knowledgable referance?
You should spell your name Kurtvs. then its like germanic/greek. cool eh? yeah, you know it is
are you bobas father? hahahaha. or like… not father… but like… dna source type dealy. are you that? hahahaha.
rirse, what happened to trt, did you stop doing it? you should make another one. where i’m the star, everyone wants to see that.
I remember you. you dont post so much anymore. I love you man. you said you werent gonna leave me. but you did! YOU DID!
never heard of you
I recall your name I think…
Yuo found my LJ, thats kinda cool. you’re a cool guy. your sprite theaters are cool.
You still post here? I thought you were in a coma.
Green Mage
Meeting you was cool. you’re a cool guy. I never got to say goodbye, cuz you left while I wasnt paying attention.
everything i’ve done i’ve done for yoU! i move the stars for no one. Think about what i’m offering you, Sarah
Dont know you
Dark Paladin
Hey, Baby, how you doin? you’re so hot, you shoulda went to the meet. so hot. MMPH!
Admiral Nagumo
I love your avatars and sigs, as you may know i’m a big fan of WW2 and nazis. they’re just so cool. cept the whole jew killing thing. they’re cool. I love nazis. I dont love what they beleive in though. ok? I’ve said somtrhing like this before, and gotten alot of shit for it. nazis are cool.
you’re asian. and your sister is asian too.
Chris of the Brood
I vaguely remember you.
I cant remember you
Dragon God
Yo, you sent me some banging tunes. your collection is second to none.
pepper jack!
Sapphire Falcon
you are alyxs sister? or friend or somthin? hi, how ya doin? why isnt she on aim anymore?
cant remember you, at all
Shalcar, I cant off the top of my head remember ever talking to you. but I know I have. I Think i get you confused with somone else… I dont know
mmmm, nope
Zepp, you’re one of the funniest people ever. It was a pleasure meeting you. it was even pleasurabler making fun of you going to the hospital. hahahahaha. who gets dehydrated? I mean really! if you’re thirsty, you drink, you dont wait till you arent thirsty anymore, then not drink. its insane really. I cant beleive it.
cait sith
I helped you with your sprite once. its an adequate sprite to say the most.
luke skywalker
Use the force, see you next summer, stay cool. -Charlemagne
Yoshimaster, I dont understand your name, its a mystery. I dont think even YOU know what it means. ok buhbye
I recognize the name, cant think of anything you’ve ever said
RUD! you australian bastard! you ride around in a kangaroo like you own the place! and you think you’re so cool with your calling people mate. wtf is that? mate is like reproducing. thats fucked up, man.
vyse the legend
Vyse… Grand Theft Auto: Vyse City
you misspelled Linux, you suck
Kraken! it was a pleasure meeting you. one day i’m gonna get one of those contact juggling balls. I was kind of disapointed that anyone else at rpgc was able go beyond what i’m able to do with an apple. you got a fancy schmancy ball.
Luny, its been a while since you’ve posted, you should come back
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Nicky, werent you in charge of the fan art section for a little while? cuz you were Zeros sister or somthing?
you’re terrible
You’re from Montreal? where is that exactly? canada? thats weird. I always thought it was in france. but I guess i was wrong. but you speak french! canada is weird. it was a pleasure meating you. when I first saw you I thought you were weiila, and I was like WTF?! but you dont really look like her that much. I dont know.
Merc, you whiiiineeed and whiiineedd about not being in the first post. I love you man. you’re a cool guy. you’re pretty funny too, when you say stuff. but you’re so quiiiettt. and you sleep like 19 hours a day. are you part vampire? that’d be cool
Angel… of the lion? that name doesnt make sense. its dumb
Drak, its an anagram of Dark, get it? you should come by more often. it was cool. you were a cool guy, with a cool avatar
Dark Sand
I dont know why I like you, I’ve never talked to you ever.
Vorpy, hmmm, whats there to say?
Darkil, I dont know you
Its spelt American and phyco… aww fucko.
You could have registered the name X-Wing. we dont have 1055 other people named X-wing, you coulda put the dash in there.
Ave Destron
were you the guy that I hosted pics for? with glasses and not with glasses? I put the caption “clark kent” “SUPERMAN!” was that you? didnt you used to hate me then we became friends?
Moon Beam Girl
What is the opposite of you? Sun Ray Boy? AHHAHAAHAHA
Pappy’s daughter
We dont even have a member named Pappy, I dont think. so how can you be his daughter?
You are supermans biggest foe. you bald bastard, you got cancer cuz you wore a kryptonite ring. you’re dumb
I have alot of enemies, and you certainly arent the worst!
Cyrus Black
Are you named after the harry potter character? you misspelled his name.
Chris StarShade
you remind me of the my little pony character that stole all the ponies shadows. he was a cool villain. but that ram was cooler. the one where they had to ring the bell to defeat it. he was the ultimate bad ass in goats.
Herr Rommel
Jiharn, you bastard, you worked for my father. he’s an ass. why do you fallow him so diligently.?
I dont like you very much
awww, lunar, cheer up. dont cry.
do you even play a tuba? tubas are cool. Riker from star trek the next generation plays the tuba
more like allbread
dont know ya
YOU SPOONY BARD! online life rocks. but you need to put me in it. cuz i’m cool. just ask Sonic Bomber
Doma Dragoon. doma, wasnt that a place in FF6? where Cyan was from? I dont remember any dragoons from there. is dragoon even a real class? its stupid is what it is
Macc Maverick
MACC! i love you, what happened to you? when is the next episode of FARTS gonna be up? I demand it to be done soon!
[b]SaintAjora [/b
who sainted you? I dont think you’re a real saint
Swift Kid
your name is swift kid, but you really arent much swifter than myself, or anyone else really.
Jenova’s Witness
such a creative name. I love it!
I keep thinking your name is MILK TANK, is miltank that stupid pokemon that is a pink cow? does it produce strawberry milk? that shit is gooooood
Maboroshi Abyll
Mabo, talk to DT all you like in any language you choose. I dont care
Hey, I remember you, you helped me do somthing once. I think it involved either editing videos or like some sound thing, i didnt ever get it to work, but thanks anyway
† Lady ¤ Angel †
lady, you aint no angel. I think we’ve all seen the pics. hahaha, you a naughty lady. you’re into some weird stuff.
I think i remember you, no, i’m thinking of Dai Ryuujin, whatever happened to that guy?
Dragons Revenge
Dragons Revenge? is that a move in pokemon that Garadose learns? or was that somthing else?
speaking of pokemon, your name sounds like a bug type pokemon would have the same name.
Varan the Red
you used to be cool, but you like stopped liking me and insulted me on a number of ocassions, you suck.
Didnt you used to have a Reboot avatar? or some smiliar show? that was neato.
To hell with phantasy star light, I want REAL star light!
you’re a NOOOOOOOOB!
kawaiiiii naaaammmmeee!
Lady Shadowz
whoa, hoochy mama.
good name, it fits
wtf? what kind of name is that?
HA! like hell you’re innocent! I saw what you did with Lady Angel!
you should be Sephiroth Clone #47, that at least would be somwhat original
I dont get the name
Martin Jigmar
I dont get that one either
You took the name of one rpg character, and pasted the last name of another RPG character. I did that once, when I used to RP as a girl, my name was Schala Branford. All the boys on AOL wanted me.
OOOH! BAKU! is that the japanese demon that feeds on dreams? or somthing?
Thats the name of a sword, I dont know from where though… hmm…
YOU ROXOR! remember when I made that thread about how you roxor? how come I never see you around anymore?
Rast! you made RPGC, are you impressed with how much its grown since the first shrines? all the people. all the happiness?
hooo boy, worst name ever
FAEFAE! why did you abandon us? and we loved you too! you just left and found other friends. it makes me very sad. Rendevous was the best! ;_; I MISS YUO!ODU
Kitty Cat Gal
you should marry Doggy Dog Guy
Cool name, its like a sound effect! KIROROKORIII like a frog would make that sound. or a cicada…
Hey, remember when we used to post on EZ boards? that was awsome. I miss those days. sigh
Ness the Earth Bound Hero
Earth Bound was like the worst game ever made.
Dragon Ninja
you rock, hopefully you’ll be at the next meet.
MAKKOOOKOKOORII! dies of mako poisoning
You’re a cool dude. too bad you dont post here anymore, cuz you gf sucked so bad
whenever I see your name, I think Odaiba, you should change your name to Odaiba
Nero, you bastard, you still play the fiddle? remember when that bonfire I started, got all out of hand. and rome burnt to the ground? that was awsome!
HISSSSS! I hate the sun! its too briteee!111111
Mitsu… sounds familiar… hmmm…
Spaz cat, you should get married to Spazzy Starstorm. you’d be the perfect couple. divorce your current husband!
say somthin funny!
Joker Loire Of The Turks
interesting name
yeah you wish you were squalls girl. but you arent! hahahahaha! sorry to burst your bubble!
name reminds me of that classic disney movie THAT DARN NEKO, hahahahahaa
Dark Knight
no comment
Kaain, dead or alive you’re coming with me
whats up with that name? is it french or somthin?
I dont know you
Shads, shads, where to start… hmm… I cant think of anything
hey, there is a guy named Dark Knight too! are you related?
oh man, I totally misread that name of yours. I’m glad
you’re the only neiru here, so no need for the 3 ok?
R-r-r-reno and the turks! leader of the pack!
funny, you’re zeta, and I am Alpha and Omega.
Chibi Chicky
I remember you, you dont like ever post here. you came here, and like made a thread, saying how you loved us all and how you wanted to stay forever, and you just never posted again. wtf?!
What up with that name
Lord Erdrick
Wolf of Light
Wolf of light? thats stupid, shoulda been wolf of darkness, thats much cooler
I know you, you said somthing about me not being nice or somthing. you suck. i’m totally nice, ass.
I think you sent me somthing at some time.
what are you lord of?
Majin Vegitto
Vegitto? wtf? who does vegita fuse with to become Vegitto? thats retarded.
I’ll post the rest when I get back.

That probably would be a greater compliment, if that 98% didn’t include all the people who don’t post here anymore/at all, and the other 2% are probably everyone else you listed. You rock for making a reference to Wizardmon from Digimon, though; I loved that guy. Actually, you rock in general, but for that specifically.

Heh. Charle probably hates me, he just don’t know it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Vicki thinks i look sort of hot and cool from a distance. so she gets more points for that!

Harass me again and I’ll get the cops on your ass

I don’t get any bonus points for stating you’re a hideously deformed freak? :frowning:

Yes, thank you, WILDMAN, I’ll be sure to reference you in some way once I get to work actually publishing stuff. :3

Thanks Charl :stuck_out_tongue: Which other Cless though? There are like three

Oh man, that time we did something…woah that was the <i>shit</i>. \m/

did I say 98%? I meant 99.9999999999999999999999999999999942%

yaay group hugs! squeezes Charl

I’m fine. How’re you?

Ah, thanks for the compliment. You aren’t sucky either, Charle.

Funny, I’m gone for what? About two weeks, and yet yous till find room to try and insult me.

Eventually, you’ll get to know me. That’s if you bother to talk to me, instead of calling me names and telling me to eat my mother’s face.

Nightblade was hot until he was related to Cro. Now he is just ugly.


Charl’s hated me ever since I beat him at rock paper scissors.

Shut up. Cro is cool, he showed Devil may cry comics.

Eden’s hawt >_>

So basically just me and you right?

It appears Charl doesn’t love me. After all that cybersex, and I don’t get put in the first posting!