Charlemagne Versus GSG: Shrine Challenge 2011!

Alright gang. We need a game for this throw down. Send your ideas to 984 in private message and he will pick the best choices and make a poll of it. Then we’ll let you, the folks at home decide. The only rule is the game cannot be a TOTAL piece of shit. And it is preferable that the game is something that someone would actually look at.

Final fantasy 14


i wish I could play it :frowning:

Aidyn: Mage Chronicles.

To the Pain.

Voted Waste of Time

Oh dear god. :smiley: I only recently revived my N64 and started playing this again. Aidyn Chronicles doesn’t even have music, people. except for random bongos every now and then… pure masochism. :bowser: I thereby second Kagato’s motion.

I can’t even remember what I suggested in my PM to 984 but I can get behind the idea for a shrine for Aidyn. Let’s me see what I passed up on for Quest 64.

I bet Charle payed 984 to choose a game he already shrined long ago. This was all just an elaborate plan to beat me in a rigged contest. Nice try.

I got like one or two PMs. And if there’s any rigging, it’ll be me throwing out all Shrine suggestions and coming up with ones I want.

What about Harvest Moon?

What about look at my signature

Lol charle, you crazy if you think anybody with that kind of dedication even cares.

It’s true SoulDrainSavage seems to have a lot of relevant input which you have to admit is rather uncommon (or rare if I may) nowadays with the masses of bots surging into the the agora! I also try to contribute as much as I can… even if I am relatively new!

As for the game to be shrined, is there any specific criteria… like platform, series, etc… or is it just anything?