Charlemagne: Trivial Psychic

(During a brief power outage, Charlemagne’s tanning booth experiences a slight malfunction. Forfeiting a darker base, he instead gains the mildly impressive ability to foretell insignificant events of the immediate future. This is his story… )

charlemagne touches RPGC message board, his eyes widen, and his body makes a sudden jerk

There will be a thread… it will be linked to some… ridiculous current event… it will only be mildly funny… and will be… a small waste of time…

AH! another thread will be made… it will be about… politics… It will be very boring… but people will still post in it… so they look like they’re smart…

many… uninteresting thread… will be made…

Not impressed!
You’ve just told us what we already knew!
No cookies!


He’s no Derren Brown. You gain only .5 of an Awesome Point.

Hey Charl, tell me if I’ll be getting any any time soon
unzips his pants

You don’t need to be a psychic to know. No, unless you’re into beastiality.

I dont need to touch you to tell you that. I would saaaaaaayyy… no.

BUHDUMM!! charlemagne… you’ll watch some awesome christopher walken sketches … you’ll reference them via the board threads and via AIM … it will make Merlin smile…and possibly get your threads closed.

:hahaha; I’m sure both of those threads have already been posted since this was fortold.