Charlemagne is COOL!


Well, his threads are fun sometimes, anyways. :wink:

Happy Holidays, Charlie!

Counterpoint: Charlemagne is not as cool as he used to be, and his sense of humor is uninspired.

I miss the charlemagne that would eat peoples faces for breakfast and posted more often :frowning:

The one with the Alucard avatar? Yes

I took that Alucard avatar from him. I took it and I sodoraped it.

Make your own thread, jerk

You have the ability to be funnier. At least, you used to be. Attacks such as this are pretty yawn-worthy.

ClothHat rocks.

Speaking of, he needs to tell us that story about prostitutes and such.

Hoping to see that story is one of the things that keeps me coming back!

Thus his true goal is achieved.

I say we give him 'til new years eve to live up to his end of the deal. Then again, thats really Sin’s call >_>

Charle who?

Charle? Man, whatever happened to that guy? Haven’t seen him in ages.

ClothHat is overrated.

I sigged one of his quotes a few years back. it’s still sigged.