wish me a happy birthday it was yesterday.

Happy birthday, dude. HEre’s a face, freshly harvested!



May you haunt us for many, many more years! :wink:

Awww. I bet he waited all yesterday at his computer waiting for one of us to make a thread about it :3

shut the fuck up charl


Happy 3 day late birthday =)

how did i get so unpopular? I used to rule this place with an iron fist.

You lefted us and we felt lonely sad lolcat

Don’t worry, Char. I’m still totally gay for you.

Happy Birthday Charle. ^^

23 now? Or 24?

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Viva la vida, Charlemagne!

Does no one see GAP and Steve’s posts?



How is it different from the usual crap on Charlemagne’s birthday?

Is that a joke or were angst and steves account hacked?

Yeah I just see weird adds