Charlemagne! In the NAVY?

I’m seriously considering joining the navy. Since most of you idiots are politically aware, what do you think? I’ve talked to several close friend that have been in the navy and they say it was the best descision of their lives. But of course they say that because all military personel are brainwashed. But I believe that knowing that would void their ability to brain wash me. Anyway, what do you fools know about the navy?

Never Again Volunteer Yourself

Rast joined the Navy and it helped him turn his life around.

well ummmmmmmm lesseee…just one question. Do u like killing brown people? If um…the answer is yes…you do in fact enjoy killing brown people, then guess what? U’ve got a long and successful career ahead of you in America’s armed forces!!! ^.^

You can retire young and make enough money to be very comfortable in the Navy. However you will not have much control over your life at times. If you’re ok with that, and can find a partner who’s ok with that, all you gotta do is sign on the dotted line, and the American Dream is yours on a platter. Except you’ll probably have to move a lot.

At least that’s what I’ve observed from people I know who aren’t retarded that joined up and played along. Some of them have done incredibly well.

Yep but just don’t forget your two-story house in the suburbs surrounded by rich white people was paid for by killing brown people and spreading imperialism around the globe. But don’t worry, you’ll have sufficiently deluded yourself into believing that you’re actually helping the people in the “uncivilized world” by giving them “democracy” and “freedom” - you just have to get rid of a few bad apples (women and children mostly but who cares about them?) along the way. Hey gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet am I right? lol

Or maybe you’ll be lucky and end up in Japan and just spend most of your time sleeping with STD-infested local whores and having really long and drawn out drunken conversations with any other white Americans you happen to run into while off base leave in Roppongi.

What does being politically aware have to do with joining the navy

I mean it’s not like the GLOBAL ETHICAL RAMIFICATIONS OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM will be your ultimate deciding factor

If you’re interested in a career in the field of nuclear engineering or something to that effect then go for it. Nuke technician looks a hell of a lot better on your resume than a typical Associates Degree in Science or a Highschool Diploma.

I hear Navy’s the way to go as far as military branches are concerned these days.

So much in fact there’s a humongous waiting list.

Which is why I’m not in it at the mo’. Got shit to take care of before I try to jump on the boat. (Haha, get it? Navy? Boat? Semen?)

Do you guys know any places where sailors like to hang out? I’m looking for some sailors.

These days he should be able to cloak to impress me. /SC2

might is right suckas

Okay, now that was funny.

so did u join the genocide brigade yet? shit bro don’t leave us hangin’

I hear they all look like this

Someday I’ll lead the Propater

I did eight years of active duty and while it wasn’t the most pleasant experience it was the right choice at the right time and the money & benefits I earned helped put me on the path to success. If you can put up with being gone for months at a time, your job & location being determined mostly by the needs of the Navy, and the fact that military membership is a very polarizing factor in social relationships it’s not a bad deal if you’re intelligent enough to make the system work for you rather than fight it; military service can open up a lot of opportunities.

Right now I’m studying Biochemistry as an undergraduate and the post-9/11 GI Bill covers about 90% of my expenses, and my savings from when I was on active duty cover the remainder. Being able to devote 100% of my energy toward my studies by not having to juggle work and school is a huge enabling factor and the primary reason my post-Navy transcript consists of sixteen consecutive ‘A’ grades. My veteran status gives me preference in many Federal programs, including the SMART Scholarship that I recently applied for (but may not accept if I’m selected for it, depending on how my graduate school prospects look at the time).

Of course there’s downsides - living conditions aboard ship are very cramped (and that’s still being generous), half the chain of command is made up of individuals who have some sort of psychological need to feel important (which is why they joined the military in the first place), you’re expected to do your duty even if you don’t agree with what’s going on, the details of why you’re doing what you’re doing are often hidden from you and you must simply hope your superiors know what they’re doing, you’ll be involved in killing brown people at some point, etc. It’s not a decision to be made lightly.

Be a pimp. You’ve got the looks, and it’s a lot easier to learn to backhand than to learn that dumb MCMAP shit or whatever bullshit the navy does.

no dont do it

That’s absolutely insane… I don’t think I’d ever choose a path like that.