Charlemagne has asked a girl out

Are you proud of me? Rpgc?

I was working. And this blonde long haired girl came in wearing glasses and some kind of sixties hedband. So I thought she was very cute. So I asked her if she would let me take her to dinner. She gave me her name to facebook her and we would figure it out on there. So she has a link to her website… anyone want to take a guess to what she does for a living? I will tell you what she does for a living… after enough people put in there guesses.

not date charlemange

I think its appropriate you’d post this on crab day.

Something either:

  1. Plant-related
  2. Hippie-related
  3. She’s got crabs.:crab::crab:

Barrel rolls?

Pics or it didn’t happen.

I bet she breeds alpacas for fornicative purposes.

Sounds like a winner. Buy her steak before blasting her in the ass.

Does she sell stucco door to door?

She collects robes and wizard hats.

That’s like double the constipation.

Is this her website? Also, where do you work?

No that is not her website
also, I own a store.

Anyway, all good guesses. But Lex was that closest

Thats your hint.

She’s a prostitute?

another hint is it isnt sexual. jeeeesus you guys.

Good luck with her, Charl. :slight_smile:

She works in a clothing store?

Real men make their own luck. Billy Zane. Titanic.

Oh, I’m sorry. I meant an “escort.”

Well she’s probably ugly and retarded so have fun

Professional LARPer?