Charlemagne ala mode

Piccy of Mr. PianoLoco hisself! :slight_smile: (posted by popular demand)

Trillian, you R0XX0RZ. That’s all there is to it.

Mucho coolo :slight_smile: Those nails scare me…

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Trillian, you R0XX0RZ. That’s all there is to it.

I second that. That pic personifies Charle like nothing I’ve ever seen before…I keep expecting it to jump out and eat my face at any moment.

Hauntingly familiar…

Verrry nice


Charle, mar… Trillian, teach me.

please take me as a pupil

WOW! o.o

Wow, it’s…wow.

There’s a big insurance ad right across his head for me…but yes, very threatening.Cold.

Nice picture. Very nice.

I like it, Trillian. You’re very good (as if you needed somebody to confirm it :P).

Approach Charlemagne with a nail clipper

Heh Very nive Trillian. One hopes you’ll do me next! laughs and hugs Trillian Very nice. Very very nice.



I’m not sure if you want any comments or criticism, but I’m doing this out of habit.

There’s not much to say really. I get the impression that he is a bit stretched: Not something you’ll see at first glance though. I also think that the chin should be on the same level as his mouth and not withdrawn like that: Let’s blame that on my bad taste though.

I like the colouring. Shading looks a bit off in places to me, but that’s probably just me not seeing the placement of the lightsource.

As I said when I started: Nice.

I hope you’ll draw more and post it.

I also hope you won’t beat me up for giving comments and criticism without you asking for it. hides

Woohoo! hugs Trillian You so great! I’m gonna have to draw you now… of course it would be better than my otter, that was just made to make fun of the furries I been hanging out with lately.

Damn good… that’s all there is to it.:yipee:


Vely VELY nice.