Charl to be in Suikoden 4

Check it out, the guy on then right is none other the Charlemagne, how he bribed Konami to get in the game is beyond me though

I’d look at the guy if I could peel my eyes off the girl, but I can’t.

He looks more like Falstaff. :\

Both of them look bizarre. Get the person that drew the Suikoden 2 characters, back!

Charle’s nose isnt that big! :0000

Charls got nice legs and a nice rack.

If they’re going to have a character that looks like that, they could at least have the decency to give him a cod piece.

Im buying the game for sure, unfortunatly i don’t really like the character designs so far. They look cartoony, but too real, its weird

Your other right shinobi.

:moogle: BOOB!!!

my nose looks like a penis!

That nose is worse than MINE for fuck sake.

I mean AUGH, what the hell were they thinking?


<img src=“”> Bad news, I found out that Charlemagne in Suikoden 4 is the Milch/Vincent type character. That means he has the Scarleticia music playing and acts like a aristocrat. :smiley:

By the way, there is a character with my real name…Kenneth. (he is on the left on this picture below) :smiley:

Yep, that’s him all right…

EDIT: Still needs a codpiece, though.

Here is the Vincent, to Charl’s Milch in the game

This guy looks a bit more fruity though

He threatened to say : “I’m going to bring my frank army and bust your asses if I’m not in this, suckas. I’ll raprazent France good, foos.”

Bah, what does it matter? THERE IS NO JANGO!

That’s quite obvious, we could tell by the outfit :stuck_out_tongue:

And Vincent was always fruity…and BORING…

edit: hey wait, how is Vincent even alive? Either he did some time travelling with Vicki or that’s his ancestor…

<img src=“”> Because that guy isn’t Vincent. That person in Blue Mage One post (person on left) is…Scholtenheim Reinbach III.

What has happened to his nose?
It looks flattened.