Champions of Norrath 1 & 2.

I was wondering if anyone else here plays it, and if so; would you like to have an online game with me? It’s quite boring adventuring on my lonesome in single-player campaign. I’ve got two characters. I was also wondering if I could make a topic charting out everyone’s character, if they play the game. Sort of like a database for people to record their character sheets:

<i>Level 61 Vah Shir Beserker</i>
Experience: 1837717
Next Level: 1896100

HP: 1085/1085 (double-wield) | 1180 / 1180 (ranged)
MP: 644 / 644 (double-wield & ranged)

Armor: 1213 (double-wield & ranged)

Attack: 1571 (double-wield) | 1254 (ranged)
Damage: 990-1280 / 922-1129 (double-wield) | 699-1131 (ranged)

Strength: 569 (double-wield) | 524 (ranged)
Intelligence: 197 (double-wield & ranged)
Dexterity: 110 (double-wield & ranged)
Stamina: 220 (double-wield) | 175 (ranged)

Fire = 0%
Frost = 0%
Poison = 0%
Disease = 0%
Magic = 0%

Capacity: 900.9 (taken) / 949.0 (total)

Sir Elvensetz
<i>Level 15 Wood Elf Ranger</i>
Experience: 107332
Next Level: 121500

HP: 221/221 (single-wield & ranged)
MP: 141/141 (single-wield & ranged)

Armor: 466 (single-wield) | 344 (ranged)

Attack: 377 (single-wield) | 348 (ranged)
Damage: 79-108 (single-wield) | 76-88 (ranged)

Strength: 39 (single-wield & ranged)
Intelligence: 50 (single-wield & ranged)
Dexterity: 94 (single-wield) | 89 (ranged)
Stamina: 35 (single-wield & ranged)

Fire = 0%
Frost = 0%
Poison = 0%
Disease = 0%
Magic = 10%

Capacity: 160.2 / 209

I play RTA a lot, but I can’t play it online.

I own the first one, but I havent touched it yet

Is there an ending? Is it hard to find people to play with? Do you play it online?

If the second one is an expension pack maybe i’ll go buy that and use a shaman

It’s not an expansion. The first one takes place some 5 years before the second. The second is just an advancement of the story. However, both are excellent games; perhaps my favorite of the genre. I highly reccomend you start Champions of Norrath; as it’s a fun game, and is very customizable.

I just started a Dark Elf Shadowknight yesterday, and hoping to get it also to level 60~.

Samuraii edit:

I play online sometimes, but only when I have friends with me to play with. I don’t normally play with strangers, as it’s hard to co-operate. The game itself can be played offline, and most people do play it offline. Not many people play it online, so even if you wanted strangers to play with, it’s quite difficult even finding any.

There is an ending. In Champions of Norrath 2, there are 2 endings; and rumored to be a third ending which requires all bonus stuff being done. I think I’ve been playing the second one for 6 months now, and I haven’t even attempted to get the third ending.

Samuraii edit, again: The shaman is probably the least played, and least favorite character out there. However, there is a bug to get infinite giant growths, which boost your speed by so much. I suggest beating the first one on the first two difficulties, then uploading the character from the first one, onto the second one; and play the last two difficulties. That way you’ll have all the spells, boosted skills, and you’ll enjoy a thorough gaming experience.

WEll when I start playing I"d like to find someone that’d show me the ropes cause I can never figure out where to start on those big MMO’s

And is the game dead or what? There should be a lot of poeple on it.

Does it cost money to go online? I’d go online for more features but I wouldnt wanna pay extra

I have Phantasy STar Online and there’s no way in heck i’m buying a gamecube modem. That game’s probably just gonna sit there

It’s not an MMO, only 4 people can play in a game at once. Going online is free as long as you have everything you need (PS2 internet adapter, connection, cable to connect it).

It’s not an MMO, you can just have mutliplayer campaigns via online. There’s a list of people online who are not in games right now; and you can request their playing with you. The first game was released some time ago, like in 2003. The second one, however, was more recently. About 8 months ago.

It’s not a game where you need the ropes shown to you. It’s pretty straightforward. When you encounter a new action, a pop-up shows you the new ability/action and shows you how to accomplish such. Once you start a game, it’s pretty much just start, there’s nothing really to learn. It’s quite easy to learn how. It’s more of a hack-and-slash game, but almost entirely RPG elementals. It’s a real-time, hack-and-slash RPG.

And really, no new features are online. Sure you get to play with other people; but it’s nothing really new. Just something different. I’m not sure if there is microphone or not, however.

Edit; It’s not dead. It’s just not as popular as Tibia, Everquest, or RO.

Well I’m a fan of Dark Aliance and even the Bards Tale, so i’ll probably like this one

I never even heard of Tibia Online


This game is the exact same thing as Dark Alliance, but can be played online.

I read a review to Tibia on gamefaqs. It sounds pretty bad, all this server overpopulation and lack of sound

RO also sounds pretty bad. You have to take an entrance test to get in, and it’s supposed to be a level grind fighting a bunch of little mushrooms

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Well I started playinig PSO Episode 1 and 2 offline and wow its pretty bad stuff. Hopefully it has an ending

I now have a level 21 Dark Elf shadowknight. I think if I gained maybe 5 more levels, I could take out my level 61 beserker.

I had a shadowknight troll on EQOA

Have you played Everquest? Champions of Norrath is like a part of the Everquest series.

Start playing CoN man!

WEll first off I have to get off NWN. I just started playing PSO and I"m probably gonna get off that

Can’t you play both? Champions doesn’t require you to sit there all day levelling. It’s meant to play offline anyways. You gain levels easily, but later, it’s impossible. I remember on my old, deleted level 79 barbarian back in like 2004. It’s hard to level from maybe 65-80.

I have a level 41 Shadowknight on Everquest Online Adventures

I might start playing Champions of Norrath. I just beat this NWN mod and I haven’t played enough PSO for it to really matter

Champions is just like Everquest Adventures, but with less people, better graphics, and a real story.

I didn’t like EQOA because you had to have a group, there’s long travel time, camp spawn, fighting one enemy at a time, grinding, and waiting for the enemy hp to fall

I was hoping Norrath would be a more action packed game like Dark Alliance