Do cats require a lot of space?

And could I say, go pick up a cat at the animal shelter?

They don’t need too much space.


Depends on the cat, really. Generally no, they don’t require a lot of space. Cats are very independent creatures, and therefore, many of them take to what little you can give them, whereas a dog, may need a lot of space for exercise regardless of size. Plus cats are very finicky. THey’ll come to you when they want something, and they’ll let you know what you’re doing wrong. With that being said, cats are great for small spaces, like apartments and whatnot. Even being confined to a few rooms. If you want to keep a cat in a small space, then it’s a good idea to leave it as an indoor cat. Cuz with my cat, she’s pretty wild since she has the run of the outdoors. She’s pretty demented too. Indoors cats may not do much, but they can laze around and provide companionship, unless you get stuck with a really snotty cat who could care less about you.

That really sent me off on a tangent. You should try an animal shelter first, and just check out the surroundings, and how clean it is, and whatnot. Most cats at official shelters are all spayed, vaccinated and dewormed. Sometimes you can luck out and find purebreads there. But a lot of cats at shelters are abandoned and they need some TLC. Some people have this notion that it’s a bad thing to buy an adult cat, because they can’t make it adapt to their ways and whatnot. In some cases, that’s true, but adult cats can be more settled down than kittens. It all depends on your preference and what type of personality you want in a cat.

I don’t really know much about animals, so yeah. Or breeds for that matter. People are all like “my dogs a half pit/half terrier” or something and I have no idea what any of that means.

Ok, so I would want a cat that’s reserved, sort of on it’s own, and likes to just lay out and chill.

So uh, yeah. I guess suggestions or something. Also, do you have to pay for an animal you get from a shelter?

For the SPCA’s (the official animal shelter name of North America), yes you have to. Here it’s 100 dollars a cat, which may seem pricey BUT like I said, you get vaccinations, (disease free) deworming ( worms up the ass and stomach) and the animal spayed or neutered. If you’re gonna keep a cat as an indoor cat, which are more reserved and chilled than outdoor cats, then chances are your cat wont have a chance to get knocked up, but male cats like the spray and female cats act weird when they’re in heat.

I’d say 100 bucks is pretty good considering some cats cost hundreds of dollars and they aren’t even litter trained.

You sound like you probably don’t want a kitten, since you want the cat to go off on it’s own, so regardless of where you get your cat from, just get down on the floor/go up to the cage, and call the litter of cats/cat. See which one comes to you first. Or see if the cat will respond to you. Reserved and laid back cats are great, but they are a hassle when they try to dominate you and use their claws if they don’t like what you’re doing.

Actually, I dont want the cat to go off and do it’s own thing. I want to play with it :slight_smile:

But yeah. I really want a cat, but I gotta convince my mom to it first. So I figured I’d learn about it.

Oh…ok. Hehe. Well I guess it’s entirely your choice because cats as a whole are just totally finicky and independent beings. They’ll make their own schedule and when to go about things, but they’re fun animals. Most are. the odd cat is vicious and uncaring and boring. If you_are_thinking about getting a kitten, play with it when it’s young, a lot so it’s programed into their brains that there can be nap time AND play time. Cuz a lot of cats don’t endorse play time, sadly. And that’s what makes them totally fun to annoy and be with because they’re crazy. At least mine is. Going on 14 years old in November sniff

The most imporant thing when picking a cat is to get one that matchs with your personality. You’ll know what I mean when you actually go looking. Take your time and, like Eva said, try the animal shelter first. Only two of mine are from there, the other two… well one now, are pure breeds since my mom has an obsession with long haired cats. >.>; You might hear some people taking about how good their pure breed is, and honestly, there are very few pure breed cats that have some magical quality that makes them better. Some cats, pure breed that is, tend to have different traits passes down through breeding. Research what kind of qualities you want. (IE, siamese tend to be very bad with outsiders, ragdolls flop over when you pick them up (shakefist at Ori XP)) When searching at the pet shelter, often times you can find half-breeds. These are the poor cats that are the offspring of a mommy pure breed who got fucked by those naughty wild cats. :stuck_out_tongue: There is nothing wrong with this, and often they have all the traits of the pure breed aside from maybe some fur discolouration and physical features. (face shape, often the case with persians.)

Over all though, the most imporant part is picking one that clicks with you- it’s like marrage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, old cats can play too. I know my shadow still loves to play >.>;; even though she’s like, 13 :stuck_out_tongue:

Futhermore, cats rule dogs drool. That is all. nod


That’s true Eden. And if you have a Humane Society near you, that where I got my cat, and they do a pretty good job telling you about the cats.

A Humane Society is almost like an SPCA. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So those shelters are good ones to check out.

Got my cat at the humane society for $75, doh. She’s a good cat, was about 1 to 2 years old when we got her and was litter trained. Its fun watching kitty get stoned on catnip =D Anyone else’s cat loves boxes? My cat will automatically sniff and try to get into any box in the house, maybe cause we brought her home in one? There always might be free kitties in the paper.

Got my cat at petsmart, which had the humane society cats. There was a book which listed traits, habits, litter trained, and etcera information provided for each cat.

It all depends on the cat.
Some are wild and likes to spend the days running around outside, and some are so house warm they’re sent running to the couch by a gust of wind. Make sure you spend a little time with them and learn their personalities before you decide on which one to pick up and take along home.