Catch him dying, live at 9!

Okay I lied, it wasn’t live.

Still. What the fuck?

Yes. Wtf is up with that link! Please rectify this.

Heartbreaking, at least the part where the article describes the last things he did. If 80% of Brits already is pro-assisted suicide, they could probably do without the cameras, let alone televising his death where someone might catch it zapping from one channel to the next, losing all context and watching a death as a spectacle instead of making an informed choice to watch the whole program.

For the record: I fully support his right to take his own life. It’s the TV programme showing it that weirds me out. Oh well.

This shouldn’t be in anyway controversial.

Turns out it is though :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. If this is the TV thread, I counted yesterday 41 toy ads in a single ad break (apart from the 2-3 movie ads). Only two of them didn’t have a toys>cars, guns girls>babies, shopping presentation.

Damn right. But “should” has nothing to do with the way things are. Hell, gay marriage shouldn’t be controversial, but it is. There are a LOT of things that shouldn’t be controversial, but they are. It’s mainly because of thinly veiled theocratic influence that these things are even remotely controversial.

Where’s the theocratic influence in thinking that putting a death in a programme that can be accessed out of context inbetween corn-flakes ads isn’t the best way to inform the public (for a matter they already agree with)?

I think anytime someone dies and it’s televised it’s going to be controversial. Like that guy that put the gun in his mouth at the press conference and blew his brains against the back curtain - nobody showed the clip on tv because how uncouth is that? I agree, people can do whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean it all has to be on television.