Casual Gameplay Escape

I just spent quite a while finishing this game without a walkthrough, and I thought the people here might enjoy it. It’s one of those games where you’re locked in a room and have to look for hints to escape (like Crimson Room, if anyone remembers it), but with a twist.

It took me about 2 hours to escape without a guide. I’m probably not the cleverest guy here, but don’t expect to figure this out in just a few minutes. Give yourself time or don’t bother.

Good luck.

Really, no one tried it yet? Come on people, what do you think?

I have tried it briefly. Beat a couple of puzzles but had to leave.

Thank Hades…now I’m going to be thinking about about how to solve the third puzzle the whole time I’m at church tonight…yeah, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

If I put two hours aside (for starters), I’d probably replay Curse of Monkey Island.

Tried it too but had to stop with only the number puzzle left. I ran out of time and can’t be bothered with leaving a java script like that running on my machine (it goes through my computer’s virtual memory like an SUV goes through gas).

That was quite fun, managed to figure all but one of them out myself. Had the clue for the last one, just wasn’t thinking logically enough for it. Oh well. Still nice and fun little game.

Which was the last one? The color blocks?

No, the last one I had left was the pipes.

The colour bricks I managed to get quite nicely, once worked out the clue for it.

I finished it in an hour but that’s because I’ve been making and doing puzzles for like two weeks straight for a school event (I’m one of the organizers). That said, you guys are welcome to try the puzzles I’ve helped complete, but please add an “rpgc” somewhere in your first name or last name field during registration so that we don’t try to contact you for the final events, which requires you to physically be in Toronto

The bit that game me most trouble was actually the stupid stick man bit. got me angry and stupid and so I just went so of bullish at it even though I had everything I needed to get the answer.

Once I figured out the stupid thing I had to do to get that to work, the puzzles were grand. Except the J puzzle. Because I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing there at all for ages. It was pretty much guesswork that eventually got me the answer. Took me about an hour and a half to do.

beat this shit in like two seconds

jesus christ

Do you have to be a U of T student for the final events?

Yeah, pretty much. The grand prize is a chair on the judging panel for the engineering faculty chariot race event so it’s unfortunately not possible to give it to a non-UT engineer.

chariot race?

Tell us more!