Castlevania Lament of Innocence....

came out today!!

I bought it, and I love it.

Story: Well, right now it’s the ol’ fashioned “save your girlfriend” story. Might have a twist later on. But right now, I can’t judge it.

Graphics: I love them. The castle is very detailed, you can see Leon’s facial expressions.

Music: Any CV Fan would love the music

Gameplay: Combos, Sub-weapons, Madoiki( items that let you perform special actions), Orbs which you can combine with your subweapon. Better Than Devil May Cry.

So, If you Liked Devil May Cry, get this.

:eek: WHAT!!!,it already came out? damn i need to get it pronto,i love the catlevania series,i just need to get this one.

Originally posted by Nightblade
[b]Better Than Devil May Cry.

So, If you Liked Devil May Cry, get this. [/b]

You said plenty enough right there. I’ve been thinking about getting it, but wasn’t too sure. Think I will now though. Gimme something to think about besides school and women.

W00t! :slight_smile:

Looks like I gotta make a pilgrimage to EB this weekend:runaway:

Was that the 3D one? Because it looks cool, even though LOTS of Castlevania fans probably hated it immediately because it’s 3D.

I hate YOU because you’re three-dee!

If you’d posted any spoilers I would have had to be MAD! ORI SMASH PUNY HUMON! But you didn’t so…MUST GET GAME BWAH!

Pft. Its no SOTN.

Well, the only thing they did remove from SotN was Level Ups. Still exploring, and MUCH MUCH more action.

I’m still playing the last one… :too bad;

I’ll try to get RC to lemme borrow SoTN >_>

Originally posted by Zero
I hate YOU because you’re three-dee!

Well, I hate YOU and YOUR MOM because you’re three-dee!

And besides, what was the last attempt at 3-D Castlevania? (Hint : Castlevania 64, Castlevania Legacy of Darkness)

You can tell why people didn’t want Lament of Innocence.

Maybe I will look into it, and maybe I won’t.
I’m not good enough at platformers to like them. I haven’t even gotten through any of the Mario games.

Originally posted by Amerycinsycho
Pft. Its no SOTN.

Which is good. It’d be no fun if it was the same as the earlier games.

I still have to beat the last GBA one >_<

OK, here is a quick description of CV:LoI

Devil May Cry Action+ SoTN Style of Exploring + Good Difficulty + Gothic Atmosphere= Castlevania Lament of Innocence.

Alright I beat the game, so here is my review.

Sound/Music: 8/10

The music is wonderful in this game, like you’d expect in a Castlevania game. At parts when you are alone, the music is slow and has a lonely atmosphere. When you see enemies, the music becomes fast. The only reason I don’t like the music at some parts, is the Gothic Techno Tracks. They just didn’t fit the mood of the game.


At the beginning the story is dull. But then, after A HUGE plot twist, you will find that this is THE most emotional Castlevania ever created.

Graphics: 10/10

The castle is gorgeous. And I really mean gorgeous. Every corner is highly detailed, character models are detailed. And their facial expression is wonderful.

Gameplay: 10/10

The combat system is wonderful. They are no level ups, so the game is fairly difficult. You learn combos by fighting enemies. They are 6 different whips, which are very hard to find. I missed 4 of them during the game. That brings me to another point. THERE ARE TONS of hidden secrets. You really need to explore to find those. You buy supplies from the shopkeeper, Rinaldo, who also plays a part in the plot.

Replayability: 9/10

There are 2 secret characters, 1 whole new difficulty. Plus, I am still exploring the castle.

I love this game. Go get it now.

Yeah, I just bought it. Mmm mm good :stuck_out_tongue: