Castlevania godfather left Konami, now has kickstarter for new game, game got funded

He got his funding in what…4 hours? 5?

Highlights: Iga pulls a SOTN moment around 57 seconds of that video.

Also, hey, I love 2.5D games. Totally funded.

Inti Creates is finally beginning to carve a niche of “old school” instead of “Mega Man or almost exactly like Mega Man”. That’s pretty cool. I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

^When they aren’t making FPSes involving the fending off and/or gunning down wave after wave of lovestruck Japanese Schoolgirls.

Anyways, I too feel that its about time for another IGA-vania. I wonder who’s roast chicken laden castle we’re storming this time?

I’d say someone at Konami has to be getting fired over this, but I think the past two weeks have made clear that Konami simply does not give a fuck. In some ways they’re worse than EA or Ubisoft.

You mean like Kojima?

But seriously, unlike EA who, may be run by corporate bags of shit, but are in it to win it (to the dismay of many), Konami has effectively dug their own gaming development grave these last couple of months. The only things they seriously have left are Castlespaina (which couldn’t find its footing after the first game and bombed), Pro Evolution Soccer and other assorted sports franchises, Yu-Gi-Oh! and maybe Otomedius.

Their gameplan at this point seems like it could either be ‘take the windfall from Phantom Pain and bail’ or ‘take the windfall from Phantom Pain to prop themselves up for another year or so of irrelevancy’.

the game looks like it could be awesome. why does it seem like the best creators are leaving their home companies and making something on their own? I’m waiting for the day Miyamoto decides to leave Nintendo and create a spiritual successor to Mario or Zelda. :stuck_out_tongue:

Miyamoto leaving Nintendo would be a sad day for many franchises.

Bloodstained hit 2 mil, not bad, but it seems to be losing a bit of breath now on the speed it is hitting stretch goals.

The big difference with Nintendo is that they aren’t hellbent on squandering whatever talent they get their hands on.

Meanwhile, Konami sounds like they don’t even want to make video games anymore, which isn’t particularly good news for the people who still want to make games there.

Image says all.

Bloodstained is still pulling in about $50,000 a day. For a Kickstarter to be pulling that much money in after the initial excitement has subsided is something most Kickstarters can only dream of.

And re: Konami, I just found out that the hilarious and awesome Simpsons Arcade Game is their IP. No wonder the license hasn’t been renewed.

Looks like they also went for the best kickstarted game funding amount too! A few more hours to go. And apparently, Shovel Knight gets some love in the game too!

Almost at 5 million, crazy. So many stretch goals…

my wife convinced me to donate to it. We’ll get the digital version when it comes out at least.

for this sort of price, the game better not be a bomb.

Went pretty well; Fangamer and Ben Judd knows how to wrangle Kickstarter.

I hope this winds up better than Mighty No. 9, which is crumbling before it’s even out of the gate.

How so? I haven’t followed the news of Mighty No. 9 at all.

I thought Mighty No. 9 looked really good. The development has been up and down, but the game itself looks solid.

Mighty No. 9 is gating off an entire gameplay mode - retro mode - as a preorder bonus. Considering the widely held belief that independently developed games aren’t forced by investors to resort to this kind of behavior people are furious.

There was also a big shitstorm, if you might remember, over the game’s community manager. I don’t think there was some big SJW conspiracy to inject a feminist agenda into MN9 as some have claimed, but that said, she was a SHIT community manager and nonetheless tainted the game’s reputation as a result.

The game itself looks…alright. The music is surprisingly underwhelming for a spiritual Mega Man successor. I hope I’m wrong, but the writing is on the wall.

Gating off a gameplay mode sucks, but I guess I’m not that mad about it. Having a crappy community manager also totally sucks, but that doesn’t permeate into the gameplay (which honestly from trailers I’ve seen, looks seriously fun).

As for the music, I admit I haven’t heard it. But at the same time, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the music was boring. We have three composers listed as working on the soundtrack for Might No. 9:

  1. Manami Matsumae: She has a serious place in video game history for having had the good fortune of being chosen to write music for the original Mega Man. But, look at her composer credits and tell me if she’s done anything else that you really recognize, lol. It’s wonderful that she was brought in to do a piece for Mega Man 10. It’s wonderful that she did two tracks for Shovel Knight (which, despite being well-written pieces architecturally, are pretty lame and out of place compared to the rest of the soundtrack). But, you probably haven’t even heard of most of the other games in her portfolio, which is impressive considering that she’s never actually gone inactive since her composing debut in 1987. Even further, I never found the soundtrack for the original Mega Man particularly impressive in the first place; even as an uncritical prepubescent boy, I remember playing the game for the first time and thinking how underwhelming the music was compared to MM2 and MM3. Her significance in video game music is seriously overrated.

  2. Ippo Yamada: Hooray, the leader - but the worst composer (for MM-centric games) - of the Inti Creates sound team. Think back to the Mega Man Zero series. Think about MMZ, the worst soundtrack of the four games by a mile. Guess who was the SOLE composer of MMZ? Yamada, like Matsumae, is an intelligent composer; but, his music is rather hit-or-miss and entirely too unmelodic for him to be a regular composer for a game styled after Mega Man.

  3. Takashi Tateishi: Okay, this guy was the main composer of Mega Man 2, so that’s a pretty big deal. But, he’s third on the billing before Matsumae and Yamada, and he’s far from prolific. He did Mega Man 2, a few other games from Capcom you didn’t play, and he was one of the 20-jillion-ass people who contributed to the music of Tokimeki Memorial. Past that, he hasn’t exactly done much for game music.

Not that I don’t understand; most of the people best-suited to writing good new Mega Man music (Akemi Kimura, who wrote most of the music for X5-X8 but works for PlatinumGames; and Shinya Okada, who wrote plenty of the music for X7-X8 and Command Mission but still works for Capcom;) aren’t freelance composers, not to mention it looks better when the composer rap sheet consists of former Capcom employees from the good ol’ days. But, at the same time, if the music turns out to be boring, I won’t be the least bit surprised.

Ultimately though, that’s a huge digression. Bad press doesn’t make a bad game, thankfully for them. Even boring music doesn’t make a boring game, even though I’d like to think so.

It’s probably symptomatic of my lack of enthusiasm because, to be honest, this just doesn’t feel like a Mega Man game. By all accounts it should but it feels more like a random developer’s 2D platformer “inspired” by Mega Man.