Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow is out!


I am gonna pick it up, along with a Nintendo DS to actually play the game >_>;;

I saw it yeasterday here in the uk, But I know how bad I am at Platformers.

Can’t wait to get this. Stores that I’ve checked in Lincoln won’t be getting it until Thursday though. :frowning:

I thought it’s been out for like 2 weeks?

No, its out today. You lose.

Weird, since I saw it in the store, being SOLD, well over a week ago.

I guess for once Europe beat you fuckers to the punch with good games, hah!

Not gonna cry for a week or two, now am I? Its out now.

Still, I win. And through the magic of the internet and roms, we all won.

Yes, we all won.
And thanks to it I got Secret of Mana on my NDS. /gg

Fuck! All three DS games I want are already out, now… :confused: I gotta get a DS, quick.

What about emulators? :stuck_out_tongue:

puts DS and DoS on Christmas list since my birthday’s way too close already

Just started it.

It looks alot like SoTN, but the music isn’t as great.

I don’t like the new anime art , but I’ll live with it.

But wow, it’s alot of fun!

Exactly, now can you get one for me while you’re out? :smiley:

Damn you Konami…damn you! now wants a DS

Damn I wish I had money right now.

The boss battles are fun :open_mouth:

:biggrin: Hooray my birthday is this sunday I can get it.

Hahah awesome, my DS has been gathering dust for a month and suddenly there are a fuckton of awesome games released at once for it. \m/

i saw a trailer for it and i was excited for it. how’s the sould collecting system? has utilizing the souls changes much since the last one?

Konami likes Europe. You got Silent Hill 3 before the US, too, and you got a special edition of Silent Hill 2 that never came over here.

On topic, I bought DoS, and I’ve been enjoying it so far.