Castlevania: Circle of the Moon query...

I just picked this up. Found it at a pawn shop for eight bucks, go me. There’s some things I’m wondering.

Question the first: What exactly do the intelligence and luck attributes do? Presumably this is explained in the manual, but I didn’t get one.

Question the second: Is each card only dropped by one (und precisely von!) particular type of monster?

The only question I remember the answer to is: Luck affects item drop rate.

I’m almost positive the cards are only dropped by one monster.

Intelligence apparently affects your MP recharge time. (According to the only guide I felt like checking at gameFAQs.)

And I’m also quite sure that only specific monsters drop the cards. (And my quick stop at gameFAQs seems to confirm that.)

Cards are indeed rare drops held by certain enemies (also you can only get one copy of each card). Int affects MP recharge speed and Luck affects drop rates.

There’s also a name code that changes your base stats and stat growth. The only ones I can remember off-hand are Fireball for greater Str over other stats, Magician for greater Int, and (I think) Thief for greater Luck.

When you say “greater over other stats”, do you mean I get more Str and less of other things when I level up, or just more Str growth?

More Str at the expence of at least one other stat possibly all of the others (I haven’t played it in ages nor do I still have a copy anymore). Same goes with the other codes (also I think Guardian was for Def which is the one I couldn’t think of before).

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Yeah those are the name-codes I remember. CotM is easily the best CV of the handheld era

I liked Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow the best.

You get the hints to the name codes each time you beat the game. They don’t just affect stats; for example, the one which concentrates on strength actually disallows the cards from being dropped so you can’t use any magic at all.

I loved this game. Dunno why, but I beat it in all the modes just because I kept going back to it. As for the modes: There was Magician (magic-based, all DSS), Warrior (High HP/Str, but no DSS), Shooter (lowered stats, sub-weapons damage is upped, and you get homing knifes!), and Thief (all stats sucky, but your Luck is VERY high).

Shooter and Thief made it really interesting because your stats weren’t too great, but it made the game a lot less forgiving (you die easily). Also had a cool final boss. One of the better CV games I’ve ever played.

Originally Posted by Ultratech87
Shooter (lowered stats, sub-weapons damage is upped, and you get homing knifes!)

Shooter! That was the one I couldn’t think of.

But wasn’t there a Fireball mode? (Just checked the GameFAQs and it turns out that FIREBALL is what you name yourself to play Magician mode. GRADIUS for Fighter, CROSSBOW for Shooter, and DAGGER for Thief.