Capt Falcon VS Marth/Roy

OK, Recently I’ve been playing Smash Bros, It has inspired me to buy 2 games.

Problem is I’ve got enough for One now, the other Later.

Should I buy a Veacle to Race around Mute City instead of “running” around it. (SSBM P1 Adventure mode). I am a good enough driver on other games, usually to keep ahead of the opposistion. (My Bro is better and he sails away, after feeling the car for a few laps,)

Or, Should I buy Fire Emblum GBA, With Possibly Marth and Roy. I hear it is Tatical RPG. I Like FFTA Advance Wars, and Disgaea, la puclle, et al.


Fire Emblem GBA has neither Marth nor Roy in it, unless you count Roy BEING BORN.

I’ve Been playing Smash Bros… There are 2 GBA out here in UK, The Sacred Stones is No2…

NONE of the GBA Fire Emblems have them in it.

You can watch him get borned, if you’re into that kinda thing. I know I am

F-Zero on GCN is incredibly difficult. It’s still good, but be prepared for a helluva challenge.

Roy is the main character of Fire Emblem 6 for the GBA. The only problem is, it is only in Japanese. There is no English language release. But it is still playable, if you’re willing to put a little effort into it.

I believe Marth was in one of the original FEs. 1 or 2 or something on Famicom or Super Famicom. But you’d have a hell of a hard time playing those.

I wouldn’t exactly say that playing a strat RPG in japanese is a “little” effort.

Its actually not that bad. Especially if you’ve played one of the English ones first. The commands are always in the same positions in the menus. If you just remember the placement, you’re all set.

Following the story, on the other hand, is quite hard. You need to read the script translation.

While true, I was more concerned with weapon/class attributes and the like.

Also, Fire Emblem 4. Japanese. Pain.

Yeah, that sucks sometimes. But you can usually tell by the sprites what weapon is what. All you really need to know about the weapons is the strength, range, and number of uses, all of which are just numbers that are easily found.

Plus, there are random words and abbreviations throughout the game that are in English, making it slightly easier.

But still, you’re right. It isn’t easy. Playing one of the English GBA FEs first is definitely the way to go. The engines for FE6-8 are all exactly the same. So you get the feel for it in English first, then you can tackle the Japanese one if you are so inclined.

Marth was the protagonist of the first Fire Emblem (NES) and Fire Emblem 3 (SNES). Roy was in the protagonist of Fire Emblem 6 (The first GBA FE game… it wasn’t released in America).

All Fire Emblem games not released in America have incomplete translation patches of some degree, and some are more playable than others.