Can't stay logged on

Here we go again. -_- Now I can’t seem to stay logged in, ANYWHERE. No matter if I logged there earlier the same day. When I come back to the site it again fails to recognize me. I checked my cookie settings, and they ARE suppose to save the site cookies. But they disappear later! I thought it was a virus, so I ran Spybot, but it found nothing. Could it be a problem of Firefox? Not only it keeps crashing on me, now it seems to have trouble recovering the pages I was looking at! (And before you say “update it” I HAVE- several times now!)

I remember this happening before (the log thing) and I solved it, but I can’t remember how now. :thud: Help?

Look at your old threads when you can’t recall what you’ve posted :slight_smile:

Thanks, Cro. Yes, it was the blasted cookies.sqlite file again. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed that yet. Anyway renaming it fixed my problem. Good, because even with this quirk I still prefer Firefox to IE.

No problem.

OK now how about the Firefox thing? It crashes at least once EVERY DAY, and when I updated it, not only the problem wasn’t fixed, but now I ALWAYS get a “Well, this is embarrassing. Firefox is having trouble restoring your tabs” message after every crash- EVEN IF I WAS BROWSING ONLY ONE PAGE AT THE TIME! I’ve half a mind to upload an OLDER version of the browser, I never had problems with those.

I dunno what to do there o.o

My best advice is to tell you to browse firefox’s forums o.o