Can't stay logged in

Ever since this Tuesday, I can’t seem to stay logged on at any site. They keep asking me to log in again, even if I did it the day before! I checked my cookie settings and they are still the same, so why is this happening? I even ran my antivirus and later, a System Restore (to last Sunday) but it’s still happening. Anybody got an idea why, and how I can fix it?

Make sure cookies are enabled (Tools -> Options and check privacy/security settings)

I checked, and they ARE enabled. That is why this baffles me. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Another reason might be that somewhere in your options, the browser is set to auto-clear all cookies every time you close it. Make sure that’s disabled. Also make sure cookies are kept “until they expire” or something similar.

What browser do you use?

The auto-clear option IS disabled as well.

I’m using Firefox, have been for years with no trouble. Still, I’m going to see if this happens when I use IE instead.

Edit: Tried it, and got “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.” That is, it doesn’t access the web at all!

That’s definitely weird. Try running an antivirus and spybot?

Ran Spybot, found nothing out of the usual.

However: I decided to update to the latest Firefox edition, and it seems to have fixed the problem, somewhat. I found that both Wikipedia and RPGC now recognize me, but not other sites. Possibly just need to revisit all my usual sites to regain their cookies. I’ll let you know.

Still have no clue about the problem with IE, thought. While I use Mozilla instead, I don’t want to leave IE like that, I might need it later.

I used Firefox 3, and I have the latest version (3.0.5 as of this writing), but I’ve been having the same problem. If I neglect a site for more than a day or so - possibly less - I find myself logged out.

Updating my Firefox DID fix up my problem, whatever it was.

I also ran a battery of tests on my IE (using a website that told you how) but it still fails to connect. The conclusion was that somehow, my IE has the WRONG ISP number, and I need to contact my Net provider to get it programmed right again.

I would do it, but a) I currently don’t have a phone and b) knowing those people, they’ll have me in hold FOREVER. So I guess I’ll leave it like that, for now.

I’m having the exact same problem lately, as are some of my friends.

Posting the solution to this problem for future reference.

All you have to do is close firefox and go to your profile folder and change cookies.sqlite to cookies.tmp.

By change do you mean just rename it, or is there something else that needs fiddling with?

Just change the file extension by renaming it.