cannot log in to a particular site

OK, this REALLY baffles me. I used to check out Comic Book Resources on a daily basis. But ever since Monday, I keep getting a “page load error” message. According to other people I’ve talked to online, the site isn’t down; but no links I’ve tried lead me there. Can this be some problem with my computer? Note I have no problem finding any other website.

Well? Any ideas? I STILL can’t find the page, but other people tell me they have no problem with it.

I’m worried that this is a problem with my computer. I tried a system restore, just in case. Still can’t find it. :frowning:

What happens if you try and ping it?

Start - Run - CMD: ping www.webpage.tld

Still nothing.

However, I’ve found from a friend who works on repairing computers, that the servers of my local cable company (Choice Cable, who also provide Internet services) have apparently been hacked or infected with a virus; numerous people are claiming the speed of their service has decreased. (I HAVE noticed a slowdown, but I assumed it was just my old computer acting up.) Could THAT be the reason behind this? Still can’t understand why it would only block access to one website in particular, tho. (Unless it happens to be on a server than ours has lost contact with.) I’m going to have to speak to them about this…

O-K, I was finally able to log onto CBR… after I tried using a PROXY server.

Which either means that:

-I was right and there’s something wrong with my local Net Provider’s server (I’ve heard even more people now complaining); or

-The site has banned my IP for some reason. I doubt it, I have not had any incidents there for months (certainly nothing to get banned over) but you never know. (Note that I wasn’t just unable to log in, I never reached the site, period.)

Oh well, at least I can read CBR again. I’m still going to talk to my provider about this next week, though.

It’s possible it has something to do with the provider. I’ve had it happen on a handful of occasions where I try and search/go to a site, and it brings up the provider’s search engine (wtf?). Then there’s the occasional Page Load Error. I think they want me to smite them. (Damn their messed-up internet!)

Kinda doubt the site banned your IP, but weird shit can happen.

…And now it’s happening again, even WITH the proxy server!

That’s it, I’m demanding an explanation from my provider. Or I swear I’ll switch to another. >:(